Select Committee on Defence Sixth Report


CSRComprehensive Spending Review
CWComplex Weapons
DISDefence Industrial Strategy
DLODefence Logistics Organisation
DMADefence Manufacturers Association
DPADefence Procurement Agency
DTIDepartment of Trade and Industry
DTSDefence Technology Strategy
FRESFuture Rapid Effect System
JSFJoint Strike Fighter
MoDMinistry of Defence
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
R&DResearch and Development
R&TResearch and Technology
RUSIRoyal United Services Institute
SBACSociety of British Aerospace Companies
SMEsSmall and Medium-size Enterprises
STOVL  Short Take Off and Vertical Landing
UAVUnmanned Aerial Vehicle
UCAVUninhabited Combat Aerial Vehicle
UKUnited Kingdom
USAUnited States of America

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© Parliamentary copyright 2007
Prepared 15 February 2007