Select Committee on Defence Fourth Report

List of written evidence

1  BAE Systems

2  Rolls-Royce plc

3  Devonport Management Limited

4  MacTaggart Scott & Company Limited

5  Amicus

6  Keep Our Future Afloat Campaign

7  Greenpeace UK

8  Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

9  Ministry of Defence

10  West Midlands Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

11  Nuclear Information Service

12  Aldermaston Women's Peace Campaign

13  Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

14  BMT Defence Services Ltd

15  Nexia Solutions Ltd

16  Dr Dan Plesch

17  Royal Academy of Engineering

18  GMB

19  Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR)

20  Supplementary memorandum from Devonport Management Limited

21  Supplementary memorandum from BAE Systems

22  Further memorandum from the Keep Our Future Afloat Campaign

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Prepared 19 December 2006