Select Committee on Education and Skills Written Evidence

Annex B


  The Reviewers recognised the complexity of the project and awarded the project overall Amber with a number of recommendations to be carried out before the next OGC Gateway review.

  The reviewers found that, "the Project is facing a number conflicting pressures. On the one hand there is a clear commitment and imperative to deliver a solution quickly, while on the other hand the users experience of the interim and temporary ILP solutions, suggest a more measured approach and timescale to be appropriate". Stakeholders were, however, generally in agreement that, "it [the project] has got to be right and not rushed in order to sustain credibility". The project team will need to manage this tension.

  The reviewers found a number of examples of good practice in the area of governance and project management arrangements, risk awareness, understanding among stakeholders of the objectives and need for ILPs. It also found that the Process Definition Document "clearly articulates the technical environment and challenges facing the Project and provides a good platform to informs discussion about technical options".

  Twelve recommendations were made—three green and nine amber. They can be summarised as:

    —  updating and refining the Business Plan to take account of wider benefits realisation than in the current document;

    —  the development of a robust communications strategy to ensure stakeholder "buy-in" to the new processes;

    —  to obtain clear expert advice on the security issues; and

    —  the need to ensure that sources of funding are secured for 2007-08 before procurement commences.

December 2006

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Prepared 19 July 2007