Select Committee on Education and Skills Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 120 - 121)



  Q120  Chairman: Is there anything you would bang his desk about at the moment, a top priority, top concern, top worry?

  Professor Eastwood: When I came into the job I thought there might be a number of things that I would need to be banging the desk around because I thought that there was a prospect of this being a year of considerable turbulence. As I said earlier, that has not been the case and in a number of important areas, working with the sector and with government, we have moved to sensible resolutions, sensible resolution around the funding of teaching, sensible resolution around the future of research assessment, and we will continue to have confidential and appropriate discussions around the resourcing of higher education as we move forward.

  Q121  Chairman: Professor Eastwood, thank you very much for your contribution today. We have enjoyed it.

  Professor Eastwood: It has been my pleasure. Thank you, Chairman.

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Prepared 9 August 2007