Select Committee on European Scrutiny Thirty-Fifth Report

Annex — The Constitutional Treaty and the Reform Treaty- table of derivation

(Some provisions may be the subject of derogations for the UK or opt-in arrangements)

Constitutional Treaty    Commentary[58]          Reform Treaty

I-1        Consolidates 1EU and 1EC      Inserts CT I-1

I-2        New            Inserts CT-2

I-3        New, based on 2EU and 2EC      Inserts CT-3[59]

I-4      Draws on 3(1)(c) EC and 12(1)EC    Inserts parts of CT-


I-5      Expands existing 6(3) EU and sets out    Inserted as

principle of sincere cooperation, 11(2)EU,  new 4EU

      10 EC.      

I-6        Based on case law, but not hitherto    Substance of CT 1-

stated explicitly (primacy)  6 reproduced in

  Declaration No 29

I-7  (legal personality of Union)      Inserted as

              new 32 EU

I-8  New (symbols)          Not taken over

I-9        New (fundamental rights)      Substance of CT I-                    reproduced as new                    6 EU

I-10        Contains substance of 17-21 EC    Reproduced as new

                    17(2) EC[61]

I-11        Sets out "fundamental   constitutional    CT I-11(1) and (2)

and political principles" which "underlie  reflected in

the legal powers of the Union".     Declaration No.30

I-12        New (categories of competence)    Inserted as new                     2 EC

I-13-15        New (areas of exclusive and shared    Inserted as new         Competence, coordination of economic  3-5 EC

        policies  )        

I-17        New            Inserted as new                     6 EC

I-18        New (revised form of Article 308 EC)    Inserted as new                     308 EC

I-19        New             Inserted as new                     9 EC

I-20        Draws on 189-190, 249 EC       Inserted as new 9a


I-21    Draws on Article 4EU        Inserted as new

9b (1)-(4) EC

I-22      New             Inserted as new

9b(5)-6) EC

I-23        Draws on Articles 202-205 EC      Inserted as new                    9c(1)-(3) EC

I-24        Draws on Articles 202-207 EC[62]    Inserted as new                     9c(6)-(9)EC

I-25        New (definition of QMV)      Inserted as new                     9c(4)-(5)EC

I-26    Draws on Articles 211-215,274,    Inserted as new

        300, and 302-304 EC        9d(1)-(6)EC

I-27        Draws on 214 EC        Inserted as new                    9d(7)-(8) EC

I-28        New            Inserted as new                     9e EC[63]

1-29        Draws on and summarises 220-240 EC  Inserted as new                     9f EC

I-30    Draws on 105-108 EC        Inserted as new

                245a EC

I-31        Summarises 248(1) and (2) EC      Inserted as

amendments to

                    to 246, 247EC

1-32        Based on 7(2), 263 EC        Inserted as new                     256a EC

I-33        New (definition of legal acts)      Partly inserted as                     amendments to                      249 EC[64]  

I-34        New             Partly inserted as                     new 249a EC

I-35        New             Partly inserted as                     new 249d EC[65]

I-36        New            Inserted as new                     249b EC

I-37      New, but successor to 202 EC      Inserted as 249c EC

I-38      I-38(1) new, I-38(2) same as 253 EC    Inserted as                  amended 253 EC

I-39      New, replaces 254 EC        Inserted as new                 254 EC

I-40        New, but includes parts of 13 to 15EU    I-40(2) inserted as                    new 11(2) EU, I-40                    (5) as amended                     17Aeu

I-41        New, but based in part on 17EU    Inserted as new                     27 EU

I-42        New (JHA)          Part of I-42(1)                      inserted as new 61                      EC

I-43        New            Inserted as new                     188r EC[66]

I-44      Based on 43EU and 44EC      Inserted as new 10                 EU

1-45      New            Inserted as new                8EU

I-46      New            Inserted as new                 8a EU

I-47      New            Inserted as new                 8bEU

I-48      New            Inserted as new                 136a EC

I-49      Based on 195 EC        195 EC amended in                 line with I-49

I-50      New            Inserted as new 21a                 EC

I-51      New            Inserted as new 21b                 EC

I-52      New            Inserted as new                 15 EC

I-53      Based on 268, 271,274 and 280      Inserted as                   amended 268EC

I-54      Based on 6(4)EU, 269 EC      Inserted as new                 269 EC

I-55      New            Inserted as new                 270aEC

I-56      New            Inserted as                   amendment to 268                EC

I-57      New            Inserted as new                 7a EU

I-58      Corresponds to 49 EU        Inserted as new                 34EU

I-59      In substance same as 7EU      Inserted as                   amended 7 EU

I-60      New (secession from Union)      Inserted as new 35                 EU

II-60 to 114      New (Charter)          Given legal effect                 by amended 6 EU.                 Text of Charter                 incorporated as                 Declaration No.11

III-115      Based on 3 EU          Inserted as new                 7 EU

III-116      Based on 3(2)EC        Inserted as                   amended 8 EC

III-117      Draws on 2 EC          Inserted as                   amended 9 EC

III-118      New            Inserted as new                 10 EC

III-119      In substance same as 6 EC      —

III-120      In substance same as 153(2)EC    Inserted as new                 12 EC  

III-121      (Animal welfare) In substance same    Inserted as new

      as Protocol annexed by Amsterdam Treaty  13 EC

III-122  New            Inserted as               amended 14EC and             Protocol No 9

III-123  In substance same as 12(2) EC      Inserted as               amended 17 EC

III-124  In substance same as 13 EC      Inserted as               17 a EC

III-125  III-125(1) same as 18(2)EC, 125(2) new  Inserted as               18 EC[67]

III-126  In substance same as 19 EC      19 EC as amended

III-127  New (as to legal base)        Inserted as               amended 20 EC

III-128  Equivalent to 21(3) EC        Amended 21EC

III-129  In substance same as 22(1) EC      Amended 22 EC

  but now consent of EP required    (EP consent not             adopted)

III-130  In substance same as 14,15 EC      Inserted as new 22a             and 22b EC

III-131  In substance same as 297 EC      297 EC remains             unamended

III-132  In substance same as 298 EC      298 EC remains             unamended

III-133  In substance same as 39 EC      39 EC remains               unamended

III-134  In substance same as 40 EC      40 EC remains               unamended

III-135  In substance same as 41 EC       41 EC remains               unamended

III-136  Amends 42 EC (QMV)      Inserted as               amended 42 EC

III-137  In substance same as 43 EC      43 EC remains               unamended

III-138    In substance same as 44 EC      Inserted as                 amended 44 EC[68]

III-139  In substance same as 45 EC, but now    Inserted as

co-decision          amended 45 EC

III-140      In substance same as 46 EC       46 EC remains                   unamended

III-141      In substance same as 47 EC, but     Inserted as       move to QMV   for matters under 47(2)  amended 47 EC

III-142      In substance same as 48 EC      48 EC remains                   unamended

III-143      In substance same as 294 EC      Inserted as new                 48a EC

III-144      In substance same as 49 EC, but    Inserted as      moves to co-decision on third country    amended 49 EC    nationals

III-145      In substance same as 50 EC      Inserted as                   amended 50 EC

III-146      In substance same as 51 EC      51 EC remains                   unamended

III-147      In substances same as 52 EC, but    Inserted as       moves to co-decision        amended 52 EC

III-148      In substance same as 53 EC      53 EC  remains                unamended

III-149      In substance same as 54 EC      54 EC remains                   unamended

III-150      In substance same as 55 EC      55 EC remains                   unamended

III-151      Corresponds to 23 -27 EC      23-27 EC remain                unamended

III-152      In substance same as 135 EC      Inserted as                   amended 27Aec

III-153      In substance same as 28 and 29 EC    28 and 29 EC                   remain unamended

III-154      In substance same as 30 EC      30 EC remains                   unamended  

III-155      In substance same as 31 EC      31 EC remains                   unamended

III-156      Combines two paragraphs of 56 EC    56 EC remains                   unamended

III-157      In substance same as 57 EC, but     Inserted as       moves to co-decision        amended 57 EC    

III-158      In substance same as 58 EC, but    Inserted as ame    158(4) is new          amended 58 EC                (including new CT                 III-158(4))

III-159      In substance same as 59 EC      59 EC remains                   unamended

III-160      Based on 60 EC, but moves to      Inserted as       QMV and co-decision        amended 67aEC

III-161-164      In substance same as 81-84 EC      81-84 EC remain                 unamended

III-165    In substance same as 85 EC, but    Inserted as     III-165(3) is new        amended 85 EC

III-166    In substance same as 86 EC      86 EC remains                 unamended

III-167    In substance same as 87 EC, but    Inserted as     new provision (167(2)(c))      amended 87 EC

III-168    In substance same as 88 EC, but    Inserted as     new III-168(4)          amended 88 EC

III-169    In substance same as 89 EC      89 EC unamended

III-170    In substance same as 90, 91, 92 EC    90-92 EC                 unamended

III-171  In substance same as 93 EC, but     Inserted as    new reference to distortion of       amended 93 EC competition

III-172  In substance same as 95 EC      Inserted as               94 EC

III-173  In substance same as 94 EC      Inserted as 95 EC

III-174  In substance same as 96EC, but    Inserted as

now co-decision        amended 96 EC

III-175  In substance same as 97 EC      97 EC unamended

III-176  New            Inserted as new 97a


III-177  In substance same as 4(1) to (3) EC    Inserted as new 97b


III-178  In substances same as 98 EC       98 EC unamended

III-179      In substance same as 99EC, but Commission    Inserted as

      may issue warning directly to Member State,    amended 99 EC

      Member State concerned does not participate

      in decision to address recommendations, co-

      decision for multilateral surveillance rules

III-180      In substance same as 100 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 100 EC[69]

III-181      In substance same as 101 EC        101 EC unamended

III-182      In substance same as 102 EC        102 EC unamended

                    (except for deletion

                    of 102(2))

III-183      In substance same as 103 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 103 EC

III-184      In substance same as 104 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 104 EC

III-185      In substance same as 105 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 105 EC

III-186      In substance same as 106 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 106 EC

III-187       In substance same as 107 EC, but      Inserted as

      move to QMV and co-decision      amended 107 EC

III-188      In substance same as 108 EC        108 EC unamended

III-189      In substance same as 109 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 109 EC

III-190      In substance same as 110 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 110 EC

III-191      New              Inserted as new 111


III-192      In substance same as 114 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 112 EC

III-193      In substance same as 115 EC        Inserted as 113 EC

III-194      New              Inserted as new

                    114 EC

III-195      New              Inserted as new

                    115 EC

III-196      New              Inserted as new


III-197      Follows 122 EC, but (2)(a) and (f) and      Inserted as new

      (4)(a) and (b) are new          new 116 EC

III-198      Based on 121, 122(2) and 123(5) EC, but    Inserted as

      with consolidation and updating, and QMV     amended 117 EC

      on recommendation on fulfilling criteria for

      euro entry

III-199      Brings together and updates 123(3) and 117(2) EC  Inserted as

                    amended 118 EC

III-200      In substance same as 124(1) EC      Inserted as new

                    118a EC

III-201      In substance same as 119 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 119 EC

III-202      In substance same as 120 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 120 EC

III-203      In substance same as 125 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 125 EC

III-204      In substance same as 126 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 126 EC

III-205      In substance same as 127 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 127 EC

III-206      In substance same as 128 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 128 EC

III-207      In substance same as 129 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 129 EC

III-208      In substance same as 130 EC        130 EC unamended

III-209      In substance same as 136 EC        136 EC unamended

III-210      In substance same as 137 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 137 EC

III-211      In substance same as 138 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 138 EC

III-212      In substance same as 139 EC, but      Inserted as

      EP to be informed of agreements with social    amended 139 EC


III-213      Closely follows 140 EC          Inserted as

                    amended 140 EC

III-214      In substance same as 141 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 141 EC

III-215      In substance same as 142 EC        142 EC unamended

III-216       In substance same as 143(1) EC       143 EC unamended

III-217       In substance same as 144 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 144 EC

III-218      In substance same as 145 EC        145 EC unamended

III-219      In substance same as 146-148 EC      146,147 EC

                    unamended, 148

                    EC amended

III-220      In substance same as 158 EC, but includes    Inserted as

      reference to 'territorial cohesion' of Union     amended 158 EC

III-221      In substance same as 159 EC, but includes     Inserted as

      reference to territorial cohesion      amended 159 EC

III-222      In substance same as 160 EC        160 EC unamended

III-223      Corresponds to 161 EC, but postponement    Inserted as

      of 2007 date for adoption of decisions on     amended 161 EC

      structural fund decisions

III-224      In substance same as 162 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 162 EC

III-225      Draws on 32(1) and 32(4) EC         Inserted as

                    amended 32(1) EC

III-226      In substance same as 32 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 32 EC

III-227      In substance same as 33 EC         33 EC unamended

III-228      In substance same as 34 EC        34 EC unamended

III- 229      In substance same as 35 EC        35 EC unamended

III-230      In substance same as 36 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 36 EC

III-231      Corresponds to 37 EC, but CAP and  CFP    Inserted as

      subject to co-decision with EP, except for    amended 37 EC

      prices, levies and aids decisions   

III-232      In substance same as 38 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 38 EC

III-233      In substance same as 174 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 174 EC[70]

III-234      In substance same as 175(1-5) EC      Inserted as

      and 176 EC            amended 175 EC

                    176 EC unamended

III-235      In substance same as 153 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 153 EC

III-236      In substance same as 70, 71 EC, but move    Inserted as

      to co-decision and QMV        amended 70, 71 EC

III-237      In substance same as 72 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 72 EC[71]

III-238      In substance same as 73 EC        73 EC unamended

III-239      In substance same as 74 EC        74 EC unamended

III-240      In substance same as 75 EC, adds      Inserted as

      requirement to consult EP        amended 75 EC

III-241      In substance same as 76 EC        76 EC unamended

III-242      In substance same as 77 EC        77 EC unamended

III-243      In substance same as 78 EC, but new second    Inserted as

      sentence            amended 78 EC

III-244      In substance same as 79 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 79 EC

III-245      In substance same as 80 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 80 EC

III-246      In substance same as 154 EC        154 EC unamended

III-247      In substance same as 155(1)EC      155, 156 EC

      and 156 EC            unamended

III-248      In substance same as 163 EC, but new reference  Inserted as

      to 'European research area'        amended 163 EC

III-249      In substance same as 164 EC        164 EC unamended

III-250      In substance same as 165 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 165 EC

III-251      In substance 251(1-3) same as 166(1-4) EC, but  Inserted as

      254(4) provides for QMV and co-decision to     amended 166 EC

      establish European research area

III-252      Consolidates and in substance same as 167 -170,  Inserted as

      172 EC              amended 167-170,

                    172 EC

III-253      In substance same as 171 EC        171 EC unamended

III-254      New (QMV and co-decision for European space  Inserted as

      Policy)              new 172aEC

III-255      In substance same as 173 EC        173 EC unamended

III-256      New               Inserted as new

                    176a EC

III-257      257(1) new, 257(3) corresponds to 29 EU, 257(4)  Inserted as new

      to 61(c) EC. Introduces area of 'freedom, security  61EC

      and justice'

III-258-261    New              Inserted as new

  62-65 EC

III- 262      New              Inserted as new

  66(1) EC[72]

III-263      In substance same as 66EC        Inserted as new

  67 EC*[73]

III-264      Amends 34(2) EU          Inserted as new

                    68 EC

III-265      Draws on 62 EC           Inserted as new

  69 EC*

III-266      Draws on 63 and 64 EC        Inserted as new


III-267      267(1-2) draw on 63 EC, 267(3-5) are new    Inserted as

(QMV and co-decision for promoting integration  new 69bEC*

      of third country nationals)

III-268      New              Inserted as new

  69c EC*

III-269      Draws on 65 EC          Inserted as new

  69d EC*

III-270      Draws on 31(1) EU, but change to QMV and    Inserted as new

co-decision69e EC*

III-271      Draws on 31(1)(e) EU but QMV and co-decision  Inserted as new

  69f EC*

III-272      New              Inserted as new

  69g EC*

III-273      Draws on 31(2) EU (Eurojust), but change to QMV  Inserted as new

and co-decision    69h EC*

III-274      New (European Public Prosecutor's Office)    Inserted as new

  69i EC*[74]

III-275      Corresponds to 30(1) EU, but change to QMV  Inserted as new

and co-decision    69j EC*[75]

III-276      276(1) and (3) new. Change to QMV and co-    Inserted as new

decision 276(2)    69k EC*

III-277      In substance same as 32 EU        Inserted as new

  69l EC*

III-278      In substance same as 152 EC, but with changes  Inserted as new

                    176e EC

III-279      In substance same as 157 EC, but with express  Inserted as new

      Exclusion of harmonisation (279(3))      176f EC

III-280      In substance same as 151(1) to (4), but change to  Inserted as new

      QMV and co-decision in 280(5)      176d EC

III-281      New. QMV and co-decision (tourism)      Inserted as new

                    176g EC

III-282      In substance same as 149(1) and (2), draws on    Inserted as new

      149(3) but adds reference to sport and European   176b EC

      sporting issues. QMV and co-decision.

III-283      In substance same as 150 EC, but provides for   Inserted as new

      recommendations by QMV and co-decision    176c EC

III-284      New. QMV and co-decision (civil protection)    Inserted as new

                    176h EC

III-285      New. QMV and co-decision (administrative     Inserted as new

      Cooperation)            176i EC

III-286      In substance same as 182 and 188 EC      182 and 188 EC


III-287      In substance same as 183 EC        183 EC unamended

III-288      In substance same as 184 EC        184 EC unamended

III-289      In substance same as 185 EC        185 EC unamended

III-290      Draws on 186 EC           Inserted as

amended 186 EC

III-291      Draws on 187 EC          Inserted as

                    amended 187 EC

III-292      No exact equivalent          Inserted as new

                    10a EU

III-293      No exact equivalent          Inserted as new

                    10b EU

III-294      Based on 11, 12 EU          Corresponding

                    amendments made

                    to 11 and 12 EU[76]

III-295       Draws on 13 EU          Inserted as

                    amended 13 EU

III-296      No equivalent (role of Union Minister for    Inserted as new

      Foreign Affairs)          13a EU[77]

III-297      In substance same as 14 EU        Inserted as

                    amended 14 EU

III-298      In substance same as 15 EU        Inserted as

                    amended 15 EU

III-299      Corresponds to 22 EU           Inserted as new

                    16 EU

III-300      Corresponds to 23 EU, but QMV on proposal     Inserted as new

      from High Representative when such is requested  17 EU

      by European Council

III-301      No exact equivalent in current Treaties    Inserted as part of                     new 17 aEU

III-302      Corresponds to 18(5) EU but Union Minister    Inserted as

      To propose Special Representative      amended 18 EU

III-303      Draws on 24(1) EU          Inserted as new                    22 EU

III-304      Corresponds to 21 EU. New provision for    Inserted as         Special Representative to brief EP      amended 21 EU

III-305      Draws on 19 EU but 305(2) is new (requires    Inserted as

      Security Council Members to ask Union Minister  amended 19 EU

      to present Union' s position on any subject on which

      Union has defined a position

III-306      In substance same as 20 EU         Inserted as

                    amended 20 EU

III-307      In substance same as 25 EU but new provisions  Inserted as new

      to take account of Union Minister      23 EU

III-308      Corresponds to 47 EU (saving provision for    Replaced by

      EC competences)          new 25 EU

III-309      Reflects 17(2) EU ('Petersberg' tasks) but new  Inserted as

tasks added            amended 28 EU

III-310      New 'in Treaty form' but consistent with CSDP  Inserted as

      arrangements agreed at December 2000 European  new 29 EU

Council for conduct of EU-led military operations

III-311      European Defence Agency (established by Joint  Inserted as   

      Action of July 2004)          new 30 EU

III-312      Permanent structured cooperation (new)    Inserted as

                    new 31 EU

III-313      313(1) and (2) in substance same as 28(2) and    Inserted as

      (3) EU, 313(3) is new           new 26 EU

III-314      Draws on 131(1) EC          Inserted as

                    new 188b EC

III-315      Broadly follows 133 EC, but foreign direct    Inserted as

      Investment now part of common commercial    new 188c EC

      Policy, change to co-decision, omits a number

      of grounds on which Council acts by unanimity

III-316      Based on 177(1) and 178 EC, 316(2) in substance  Inserted as

      same as 177(3)            new 188d EC

III-317      Based on 179(1) EC. 317(2) in substance same as  Inserted as

      181(1) EC            new 188e EC

III-318      In substance same as 180(1) and (2) EC     Inserted as

                    new 188f EC

III-319      Draws on 181a EC, but change to co-decision    Inserted as                       new 188g EC

III-320      New. QMV for 'urgent financial assistance' to  Inserted as

      third countries            new 188i EC

III-321      New. QMV and co-decision for establishing     Inserted as

      'European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps'  new 188j EC

III-322      Based on 60 and 301 EC, III-322(2) and (3) new  Inserted as

                    new 188k EC

III-323      323(1) new. 323(2) in substance same as     Inserted as

300(7) EC            new 188l EC

III-324      In substance same as 310 EC        Inserted as

new 188m EC

III-325      Corresponds to 24, 38 EU and 300 EC, but    Inserted as

      provisions have been 'reorganised, clarified and  new 188n EC  


III-326      In substance same as 111 EC (which does not     Inserted as

apply to UK unless it adopts euro)      new 188o EC

III-327      Consolidates 302-305 EC        Inserted as

                    New 188p EC

III-328      No exact equivalent, but foreshadowed in    Inserted as

      20 EC (Union delegations)        new 188q EC

III-329      New. ('solidarity clause'). QMV + co-decision  Inserted as

new 188r EC

III-330      Draws on 190 EC          Inserted as

                    amended 190 EC

III-331      In substance same as 191(2) EC       Inserted as

                    amended 191 EC

III-332      In substance same as 192(2) EC      Inserted as

                    amended 192 EC

III-333      In substance same as 193 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 193 EC

III-334      In substance same as 194 EC        194 EC unamended

III-335      In substance same as 195 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 195 EC

III-336      In substance same as 196 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 196 EC

III-337      Based on 197(2) -(4).III-337(3) same as    Inserted as

      200 EC              amended 197 EC

III-338      In substance same as 198 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 198 EC

III-339      In substance same as 199 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 199 EC

III-340      In substance same as 201 EC, but provides    Inserted as

      For EP motion of censure against Union Minister  amended 201 EC

      for Foreign Affairs

III-341      New, but reflects current practice      Inserted as new

                    201a EC

III-342      In substance same as 204 EC        204 EC unamended

III-343      343 (1) in substance same as 206 EC, 343(2) and  206 EC unamended

      (3) correspond to 205(1) and (3) respectively    inserted as

                    amended 205 EC

III-344      344(1) in substance same as 207(1) EC, 344(2)and  Inserted as

      (3) correspond to 207(2) and (3) EC      amended 207 EC

III-345      In substance same as 208 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 208 EC

III-346      In substance same as 209 EC         Inserted as

                    amended 209 EC

III-347      In substance same as 213(2) EC      Inserted as

                    amended 213 EC

III-348      In substance same as 215 EC, but new role for     Inserted as

      President of Commission and for EP in appointing  amended 215 EC

      new members of Commission to vacant posts, 348(4)

      and (5) new

III-349      In substance same as 216 EC        216 EC unamended

III-350      In substance same as 217(2) EC      Inserted as

                    amended 217 EC

III-351      In substance same as 219 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 219 EC

III-352      352(1) in substance same as 218(2) EC, 352(2)    Inserted as

      In substance same as 212 EC        amended 218 EC

III-353      In substance same as 221(2) EC      Inserted as

                    amended 221 EC

III-354      In substance same as 222 EC        222 EC unamended

III-355      In substance same as 223 EC, but reference to    Inserted as

      judicial appointments panel        amended 223 EC

III-356      Corresponds to 224 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 224 EC

III-357      New. (Judicial Appointments Panel). QMV.    Inserted as new

                    224a EC

III-358      In substance same as 225 EC        Inserted a s

                    amended 225 EC

III-359      In substance same as 225a EC, but change to QMV  Inserted as

      +codecision for establishment of specialised courts  amended 225a EC

III-360      In substance same as 226 EC        226 EC unamended

III-361      In substance same as 227 EC        227 EC unamended

III-362      Corresponds to 228 EC, but new procedure to    Inserted as

      Commission to apply for a fine for failure to notify  amended 228 EC

      measures to transpose framework law

III-363      In substance same as 229 EC        229 EC unamended

III-364      Corresponds to 229a EC, but move to QMV +    Inserted as

      codecision (ECJ jurisdiction over intellectual    amended 229a EC


III-365      Corresponds to 230 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 230 EC

III-366      In substance same as 231 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 231 EC

III-367      In substance same as 232 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 232 EC

III-368      In substance same as 233 EC         Inserted as

                    amended 233 EC

III-369      In substance same as 234 EC, but requires ECJ    Inserted as

      to act 'with the minimum of delay' in relation to   amended 234 EC

      a person in custody

III-370      In substance same as 235 EC         235 EC unamended

III-371      In substance same as 46(e) EU       46 EU repealed

                    ECJ jurisdiction

                    conferred by new

                    235a EC

III-372      In substance same as 236 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 236 EC

III-373       In substance same as 237 EC         Inserted as

                    amended 237 EC

III-374      In substance same as 238 EC        238 EC unamended

III-375      375 (1), (2) and (3) in substance same as 240, 292  240, 292 and 239

      and 239 EC respectively        EC unamended

III-376      New               Inserted as new

                    240a EC

III-377      In substance same as 35(5) EU       Inserted as new

                    240b EC

III-378      In substance same as 241 EC        Replaced by new

                    241 EC

III-379      In substance same as 242, 243 EC      242, 243 EC


III-380      In substance same as 244 EC         244 EC unamended

III-381      Corresponds to 245 EC but move to QMV+    Inserted as

      codecision             amended 245 EC

III-382      In substance same as 112 EC but move to QMV  Inserted as new

      (does not apply to UK unless it adopts euro)    245b EC

III-383      In substance same as 113 EC        Inserted as new

                    245c EC

III-384      In substance same as 248 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 248 EC

III-385      In substance same as 247(2) to (7) EC      Inserted as

                    amended 247 EC

III-386      Corresponds to 263 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 263 EC

III-387      In substance same as 264 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 264 EC

III-388      In substance same as 265 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 265 EC

III-389      Corresponds to Article 258 EC       Inserted as

                    258 EC

III-390      Corresponds to 259 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 259 EC

III-391      Corresponds to 260 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 260 EC

III-392      In substance same as 262 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 262 EC

III-393      In substance same as 266 EC, but extended     Inserted as

      power of Council to amend EIB Statute    amended 266 EC

III-394      In substance same as 267 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 276 EC

III-395       In substance same as 250 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 250 EC

III-396      In substance same as 251 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 251 EC

III-397      In substance same as 218(1) EC      Inserted as

                    amended 218 EC

III-398      New. (Principles of European administration)    Inserted as

      QMV + codecision          254a EC

III-399      Corresponds, with I-50, to 255 EC      Inserted as

                    new 21a EC

III-400      Corresponds to 210, 247(8) and 258 with    Inserted as

      addition of new offices created by CT      amended 210 EC

III-401      In substance same as 256 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 256 EC

III-402      New. (Multi-annual financial framework)    Inserted as new

                    270a EC

III-403      In substance same as 272(1) EC      Inserted as new

                    270b EC

III-404      Replaces budgetary procedure under 272 EC    Inserted as new

                    270b EC

III-405      405(1) in substance same as 273(1) EC, 405(2)    Inserted as

      replaces rest of 273 EC to take account of     amended 273 EC

      abolition of distinction between compulsory

      and non-compulsory expenditure

III-406      Corresponds to 271 EC        Inserted as new


III-407      Corresponds to 274 EC, but 407(2) is new     Inserted as

                    amended 274 EC

III-408      408(1) in substance same as 275 EC, 408(2) new  Inserted as

      (evaluation report by Commission on Union's    amended 275 EC

      finances)             but 408(2) not

                    taken over

III-409      In substance same as 276 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 276 EC

III-410      Updates 277 EC          Inserted as

                    amended 277 EC

III-411      In substance same as 278 EC        278 EC unamended

III-412      In substance same as 279 EC, but changes     Inserted as

      procedure to QMV and codecision      amended 279 EC

III-413      No equivalent in existing Treaties, but obligation  Inserted as

      implicit in that expenditure to fulfil obligation to   new 279a EC

      third parties was classified as obligatory

III-414      New              Inserted as

                    new 279b EC

III-415      In substance same as 280(2) to (5) EC, but no    Inserted as

      'carve-out' for measures concerning the national   amended 280 EC

      criminal law or the national administration of


III-416      In substance same as 43 EU(b) to (f)      Inserted as

                    new 280a EC

III-417      In substance same as 43(h) and 44(2) EU    Inserted as

                    new 280b EC

III-418      418(1) in substance same as 43b EU, 418(2) draws   Inserted as

      on 27d EU            new 280c EC

III-419      419(1) procedure (for enhanced cooperation) in   Inserted as

substance same as 11(1) and (2) EC, 419(2) in  new 280d EC

substance same as 27c EU

III-420      Draws on and expands 11a EC (420(1)), and     Inserted as

      27e EU              new 280f EC

III-421      In substance same as 44a EU        Inserted as

                    new 280g EC

III-422      New              Inserted as

                    new 280h EC

III-423      In substance same as 45 EU        Inserted as new

                    280i EC

III-424      In substance the same as all but first paragraph  Inserted as

      of 299(2) EC             amended 299 EC

III-425      In substance same as 295 EC        295 EC unamended

III-426      In substance same as 282 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 282 EC

III-427      In substance same as 283 EC, but EP now involved  Inserted as

      by codecision            amended 283 EC

III-428      In substance same as 284 EC        284 EC unamended

III-429      In substance same as 285 EC        285 EC unamended

III-430      In substance same as 287 EC         287 EC unamended

III-431      In substance same as 288 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 288 EC

III-432      In substance same as 289 EC        289 EC unamended

      (seat of institutions)

III-433      In substance same as 290 EC        290 EC unamended

III-434      In substance same as 291 EC        Inserted as

                    amended 291 EC

III-435      In substance same as 307 EC        307 EC unamended

III-436      In substance same as 296 EC        296 EC unamended

IV-437      No direct predecessor (repeals earlier Treaties)  Not taken over

IV-438      No direct predecessor (succession and legal    Not taken over

      continuity of Union created by CT)

IV-439      Refers to Protocol No 34 on transitional     See Article 4 of

Arrangements            Final Provisions

              of Reform Treaty[78]

IV-440      Corresponds to 299 EC, but 440(7) new    Inserted as

                    amended 299 EC,

                    440(7) not taken


IV-441      In substance same as 306 EC        306 EC unamended

IV-442      In substance same as 311 EC        311 EC unamended

IV-443      Corresponds to Article 48 EU (ordinary revision  Inserted as new

      Procedure), but provides 443(2) for a Convention  33(1) EU

      to prepare for IGC

IV-444      New (simplified revision procedure for    Inserted as new

      moving from unanimity to QMV)      33(3) EU

IV-445      New (simplified revision procedure for revising  Inserted as

      All or any part of Part Three of Treaty on     new 33(2) EU

Functioning of Union [previously known as EC


IV-446      In substance same as 51 EU        51 EU unamended

IV-447      Corresponds to 52 EU          Article 6 of Final

                    Provisions of

                    Reform Treaty

IV-448      Corresponds to 53 EU (authentic texts and     Article 7 of Final

      translations)            Provisions of

                    Reform Treaty


1.      Replaces and expands Protocol annexed to Treaty  Inserted as

      of Amsterdam on role of national parliaments  Protocol No 1

2.      Replaces and expands Protocol annexed to Treaty  Inserted as

      of Amsterdam on application of principles of     Protocol No 2[79]

      subsidiarity and proportionality

3.      Protocol on the Statute of the Court of Justice     Corresponding

of the European Union (same as its       amendments made

predecessors, with only technical updating)    by Protocol No 11[80]

4.      Protocol on the Statute of the European System  Corresponding

      of Central Banks and of the European Central    amendments made

      Bank (corresponds to Protocol of same title     by Protocol No 11

      annexed to EC Treaty by Treaty of Maastricht

5.      Protocol on the Statute of the European     Corresponding

      Investment Bank (Protocol makes a number of   amendments made

      changes to reflect developments elsewhere, and to   by Protocol No 11

      permit EIB to provide finance in forms other than

      loans and guarantees)

6.      Protocol on the location of the seats of Institutions  Corresponding

      and of certain bodies, offices agencies and     amendments made

      departments of the European Union (same as     by Protocol No 11

      Protocol of same annexed by Treaty of Amsterdam

7.      Protocol on the Privileges and Immunities of the   Corresponding

      European Union (in substance same as Protocol   amendments made

      annexed to Treaty establishing a single Council  by Protocol No 11

      and Commission of the European Communities

      of 1965

8. and 9    Protocols on the Treaties and Acts of Accession of   Acts of Accession

      Denmark, Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Spain  remain unamended

      Portugal, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic,

Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta,

Poland, Slovenia, and Slovakia (new, but

      incorporates provisions already found in Acts

      of Accession)

10.      Protocol on the excessive deficit procedure     Corresponding

(in substance same as protocol annexed to EC Treaty   amendments made

by Treaty of Maastricht)        by Protocol No 11

11.      Protocol on the convergence criteria (in substance  Corresponding

      same as Protocol annexed by Treaty of Maastricht  amendments made

                    by Protocol No 11

12.      Protocol on the Euro Group        Inserted as

                    Protocol No 3

13.      Protocol on certain provisions relating to the    Corresponding  

      UK as regards economic and monetary union    amendments made

                    by Protocol No 11

14.      Protocol on the position of Denmark as regards  Corresponding

      economic and monetary union      amendments made

                    by Protocol No 11

15.      Protocol on certain tasks of the National Bank of  -

      Denmark (declares that Danish National Bank may

      continue with tasks in relation to Greenland)

16.      Protocol on the Pacific Financial Community (CFP)  Corresponding

      franc system (same as Protocol annexed by Treaty  amendments made

      of Maastricht)            by Protocol No 11

17.      Protocol on the Schengen acquis (in substance same  Corresponding

      as Protocol annexed by Treaty of Amsterdam)    amendments made

                    by Protocol No 11

18.      Protocol on the application of certain aspects of  Corresponding

      Article 111-130 of the Constitution to the UK and   amendments made

      Ireland (in substance same as Protocol annexed by   by Protocol No 11

      Treaty of Amsterdam allowing frontier checks on

      Persons coming from rest of EU)

19.      Protocol on the position of the UK and Ireland on   Corresponding

      policies with respect to border controls, asylum and   amendments made

      immigration, judicial cooperation in civil matters   by Protocol No 11[81]

and on police cooperation

20.      Protocol on the position of Denmark (corresponds  Corresponding

      to Protocol annexed by Treaty of Amsterdam, main  amendments made

      change is to give Denmark opt-in arrangements  by Protocol No 11

      rather like the UK's

21.      Protocol on external relations of the Member    Protocol No 31

      States with regard to the crossing of external     unamended

Borders (in substance same as Protocol annexed

by Treaty of Amsterdam

22.      Protocol on asylum for nationals of Member    Corresponding

      States  (in substance same as Protocol annexed  amendments made

      by Treaty of Amsterdam        by Protocol No 11

23.      Protocol on permanent structured cooperation   Inserted as Protocol

      (new, sets out arrangements for permanent    No 4

      structured cooperation in defence area)

24.      Protocol on Article I-41(2) of the Constitution  Corresponding

      (in substance same as Protocol on Article J7 EU  amendments made

      annexed by Treaty of Amsterdam      by Protocol No 11

25.      Protocol concerning imports into the European  Corresponding

      Union of petroleum products refined in the     amendments made

      Netherlands Antilles (in substance same as     by Protocol No 11

previous Protocol (No 14) annexed to EEC Treaty)

26.      Protocol on the acquisition of property in    Protocol No 16

      Denmark (in substance same as Protocol (No 16)  unamended

annexed by Treaty of Maastricht

27.      Protocol on the system of public broadcasting in  Protocol No 32

      the Member States (in substance same as Protocol  unamended

      (No 32) annexed by Treaty of Amsterdam)

28.      Protocol concerning Article III-214 of the     Corresponding

      Constitution (in substance same as Protocol (No 17)  amendments made

      concerning Article 141 EC annexed by Treaty of  by Protocol No 11


29.      Protocol on economic, social and territorial cohesion  Corresponding

      (in substance same as Protocol annexed by Treaty of  amendments made

      Maastricht)            by Protocol No 11

30.      Protocol on special arrangements for Greenland (in  Corresponding

      substance same as Protocol annexed to EC Treaty by  amendments made

      1985 Treaty amending EC Treaty with regard to   by Protocol No 11


31.      Protocol on Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution of  Corresponding

Ireland (in substance same as Protocol annexed by   amendments made

Treaty of Maastricht)          by Protocol No 11

32.      Protocol relating to Article I-9(2) on the accession  Inserted as Protocol

      of the Union to the European Convention on     No 5

Human Rights (new, makes clear that accession to

ECHR may not affect EU's competences or the

Institutions' powers)

33.      Protocol on the Acts and Treaties which have    Not taken over

supplemented or amended the Treaty establishing

the European Community and the Treaty on

European Union (new, but entirely technical

Protocol to make clear which Acts and Treaties

are repealed by the Constitutional Treaty)

34.      Protocol on the transitional provisions relating  Inserted as Protocol

      to the institutions and bodies of the Union (new,  No 10

      sets out transitional arrangements in period 2004


35.      Protocol on the financial consequences of the    Corresponding

      expiry of the ECSC Treaty (corresponds to     amendments made

      Protocol annexed by Treaty of Nice dealing with  by Protocol No 11

      residual assets of ECSC after its winding up in 2002

36.      Protocol amending the Treaty establishing the    Inserted as Protocol

      European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom)  No 12

      (new, makes technical changes to reflect changes

      in Constitutional Treaty)

The draft Reform Treaty has a number of additional Protocols which were not attached to the Constitutional Treaty. These are:

No 6 on the internal market and competition

No. 7 on the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights to the United Kingdom

No. 8 on the exercise of shared competences

No. 9 on services of general interest.

58   Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe -Commentary CM 6459 Back

59   The Article also refers to establishing an economic and monetary union whose currency is the euro. Back

60   Inserts parts of CT I-4 as amended 17 EC.  Back

61   The Reform Treaty renames the EC Treaty as the 'Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union'. For ease of reference the table refers to the EC Treaty. Back

62   Also on Council's 2004 rules of procedure. Back

63   With change of title from 'Union Minister for Foreign Affairs' to 'High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs'. Back

64   The CT terminology of 'laws', 'framework laws', 'regulations', 'decisions' and 'recommendations' has not been adopted, the existing EC equivalents of regulations, directives, decisions and recommendations being retained. 'Framework decisions' disappear with the transfer of Title VI EU to the First Pillar. Back

65   But CT I-35(1) (which would have allowed the European Council to adopt 'European decisions') has not been taken over. Back

66   This new Article also includes CT III-329. Back

67   But the reference to passports, identity cards and residence permits in III-125(2) has been omitted. Back

68   The amendment, in accordance with CT III-138 gives a role to the European Parliament. Back

69   The new 100 EC , unlike III-180 CT also refers explicitly to energy Back

70   The amended 174 EC differs from the CT in that it includes an express reference to 'combating climate change'. Back

71   The amended 72 EC replaces requirement for unanimity with 'special legislative procedure'. Back

72   A new 66(2) EC (not included in CT) is also inserted , providing for cooperation and coordination by Member States in relation to national security  Back

73   * denotes a provision in respect of which the UK may opt in. Back

74   A new provision, not in the CT, provides for enhanced cooperation between 9 Member States on the basis of a draft regulation establishing the EPPO.  Back

75   A new provision, not in the CT, provides for enhanced cooperation between 9 Member States on police cooperation Back

76   These amendments differ from those in III- 294 by including institutional provisions on the roles of the Commission and EP and the jurisdiction of the ECJ. Back

77   The Union Minister for Foreign Affairs is now the 'High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy'. Back

78   Protocol No 10 corresponds to Protocol No 34 to the Constitutional Treaty Back

79   With the addition of an Article 7(3) under which 55% of the Members of the Council or a majority of the EP prevent further discussion of a proposal on the grounds that it infringes the principle of subsidiarity. Back

80   This Protocol makes a series of amendments to the existing Protocols which correspond to the Protocols annexed to the Constitutional Treaty. Back

81   It should be noted that the Reform Treaty transfers police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters to Title IV, so that this field becomes subject to the opt-in arrangements under the Protocol. Back

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