Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

Letter to the Parliamentary Relations and Devolution Team, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, from the Clerk of the Committee

  At its meeting yesterday, the Committee considered the Government's response to its Fourth Report of the current Session, Foreign Policy Aspects of the War against Terrorism.[3] The Committee has asked me to write, requesting further information on several points.

  Further to the response to recommendation 22, the Committee wishes to receive a progress report on implementation of the Agreement on Movement and Access. What steps has HMG been taking to achieve implementation of the Agreement?

  Further to the response to recommendation 25, the Committee wishes to know what further progress has been made with training Iraqi security forces, including the Iraqi police, and what is the Government's current assessment of the ability of those forces to take responsibility for security in those areas in the South where security is currently provided by the British-led MNF.

  Further to the response to recommendation 39, the Committee wishes to receive an update on the latest position with respect to the Iranian nuclear programme, and on what specific steps HMG has been taking to resolve the situation.

  Further to the response to recommendation 48, the Committee wishes to receive a fuller statement of the Government's policy towards establishing a permanent section of the IAEA to deal with non-state actors and in particular, whether the Government is satisfied that sufficient funding is available for this aspect of the IAEA's work.

  The Committee has also asked me to pursue a point arising from the letter from the Secretary of State to Mike Gapes of 7 September.[4] Are all three phases of the deployment of the new UN force in Lebanon complete? What contribution has been made by the UK (a) to UNIFIL and (b) to training and/or equipping the Lebanese armed forces?

Steve Priestley

Clerk of the Committee

19 October 2006

3   Cm 6905, Session 2005-06. Back

4   HC 1583-i, Session 2005-06 Ev 1. Back

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Prepared 13 August 2007