Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

E mail to the Committee from Elisheva Rubin, Ohio

  I thank you so much for your very speedy response. It is marvelous that our modern technology can be so efficient!

  Yes, I could see from the website the process you use, and I have no complaint really with that as written.

  The problem enters when you take testimony primarily, and pretty much solely, from parties who are terribly biased against Jews, Judaism and Israel; while you have, apparently, made no effort at all to balance them out with alternative and opposing views. Your input for your decisions is, in essence, from Ford Foundation, which we all know is working to destroy Israel, Judaism and the Jewish Nation. Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are notoriously anti-Judaism and not coincidentally are subsidiaries of, and funded by, the notorious Ford Foundation. Is it any wonder that Jewish leaders - including wonderful rabbis - are being murdered en masse in Israel and across the globe? And do we not see Jews being stripped of their civil rights across the globe? Ford Foundation was there. and there. and there.

  Also note that the British Council is also a pawn of Ford Foundation, and has openly supported terrorist groups in Israel.

  The end result is that the UK Foreign policies for "the Middle East", and in particular Israel and Jerusalem; are pretty much identical to the Arab and Vatican plans to destroy Israel! They are based on assumptions that Jews do not have civil rights and that our land may be seized at will, despite our being in lawful possession thereof.

  You are relying on the Mitchell Report, the Tenet workplan, the Geneva Initiative, and other equally anti-Judaism and anti-democracy in their creation and effect. There is no validity to them, but they are merely excuses to steal land and property from Jews. We have seen the implementation of a Pogrom on Gush Katif, August, 2005, as instructed in the Geneva Initiative. This has caused the loss of property, home and income for 10,000 law abiding and innocent Jews. The real human rights abuse is that this occurred; and that these victims have never been compensated for the financial losses, nor the deep trauma of having beautiful communities destroyed.

  The net effect is that the Quartet is not at all "assisting" Israel, but rather is acting in concert to directly destroy the country.

  I am of the belief that the current situation, in which British soldiers have been seized by enemies of Western Civilization, has been created by the failure to sufficiently support, or even merely allow to exist, Israel and the Jewish people. Two decades ago, prior to so much dismemberment as in dividing our land; Israel would have prevented and/or effectively and speedily intervened. Since the Quartet has intentionally hog tied us, chaos follows.

  Finally, to conclude this note, I protest the UK position on Jerusalem. Jerusalem is an integral part of the Jewish eternal inheritance and no part of it can justly be claimed by any other entity. Further, no single Jew, including a secular prime minister, is authorized by the Great Legislator of the Universe to agree, as in Geneva Accords, etc. - to give up or over even one inch of our land. All efforts and actions towards that end are open expressions of anti-Semitism, hate mongering, and constitute a direct attack on the Jewish People as a Nation.

  I hope to have the opportunity to continue to have input and to bring along colleagues who can much better inform you about the true nature of what transpires in the Middle East then the flunkies who work at Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Their testimony is, generally, so biased as to be virtually worthless. They should be removed from any lists of qualified submitters relating to Israel and the Middle East.

  Thanks for the note back, please circulate this to the entire Foreign Affairs Committee, i.e. to the MPs directly, and not via their staff. I will follow up and assume that they will have all received this as a contextual base.

  Thanks again for your time and speedy response.

28 March 2007

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Prepared 13 August 2007