Select Committee on Foreign Affairs Written Evidence

Email submitted by Chris Clark, UNIMASS

  The failure rate of any type can only be accurately identified if we have the numbers and type fired/dropped by the Israelis and we have cleared all the UX.

  This is currently not the case so any attempt to put an exact figure % will be incorrect.

  We have established that the M85 with self destruct (what you call "smart") has a failure rate of between 5-10%....this is possible because they account for a smaller number of strike areas and there has been many detailed research visits to this end. Not so with the others and the strike areas are too vast to conduct this analysis in any realistic timeframe. The emerging failure rate for others is moving towards 30%...could ultimately be 25%, could be closer to 30%.

8 May 2005

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Prepared 13 August 2007