Select Committee on House of Commons Members' Fund Report


  4.1  Appendix A summarises the changes in the numbers of beneficiaries during the period since my last report. 28 beneficiaries died during the period since my last report. The resulting reduction in expenditure was partly offset by two awards to the widows of former Members who died during the period, and four other new awards (including one to a widow who was already in receipt of a grant). The total number of beneficiaries receiving payments decreased from 123 to 100 over the three-year period. In total, the 101 regular awards in payment at the reporting date (including one beneficiary who was in receipt of two separate awards) totalled £176,873 a year.

  4.2  The income and expenditure of the Fund from 1 October 2003 to 30 September 2006 is summarised in Appendix B. During this period the amount of the Fund, as shown in the accounts, increased from £3,306,536 to £4,604,116. This increase in the Fund was mainly attributable to the increase in asset values over the period and the fact that Exchequer Grant in Aid payments continued to be made.

  4.3  The income and expenditure figures are summarised from the annual accounts prepared by the Trustees and audited by the Comptroller and Auditor General. I have relied on the audited accounts as proof of the existence of the assets. (The 2005-06 accounts on which I have relied are not in a final published form but I have been informed by the secretariat to the Trustees that they contain the final audited figures.)

  4.4  The assets held at the reporting date were as follows:
Market value
on 30 September 2006


Cash and other current assets


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Prepared 29 October 2007