Select Committee on Home Affairs Written Evidence

16.  Memorandum submitted by Mr Roger Drakes aka DJ Dodge

  As a club DJ and Producer of music I am in a birds-eye position to comment on the connection between music and crime amongst the younger generation.

  What an individual listens to does not make that person want to go out and commit a crime unless that individual is in a vulnerable state of mind in the first place.

  The idea of censoring music is one of the oldest ideas that ultimately has been proven to only ever add more exposure to the material and help it get to more ears, and this was before the internet revolution!

  Instead of wasting time talking about music why can't we see what's really going on and tackle the real issues?

  Family, Education, Mental Health! to name a few...

  I met a healthy, normal 19 year old kid the other day who lived in Battersea, South London, he could not read or write! ... And we are still here talking about music.

January 2007

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Prepared 15 June 2007