Select Committee on Home Affairs Written Evidence

21.  Supplementary memorandum from The From Boyhood to Manhood Foundation

  In answer to what can be done I suggest the following:

  1.  A project like The From Boyhood To Manhood Foundation, (FBMF), or its equivalent of which there are few, that is Ofsted registered, to be skilled up in best practice to deliver services and education for this target group.

  2.  That black voluntary and community groups that have a history of delivering quality services, and that produce real change in communities, or whose work provide support systems for other agencies, should be funded well, and over a minimum period of five years subject to independent monitoring and evaluation.

  3.  That independent people who work effectively in the community to combat black youth crime be supported to be able to attend meetings, seminars and conferences so that they can understand and utilise policy. And that they have access to some administrative support when required.

  4.  A large portion of the Recovered Assets Funds, properties and appropriate vehicles should be allocated to Black groups mentioned in 1, 2 to enable them to develop and adjust to the changing needs of the community more effectively, to capacity build them and to core fund them.

  5.  That agencies and groups work with excluded young people, the police, and ex-offenders where appropriate, to produce preventative projects and programmes and employment to these young people.

  6.  That refugee status teachers and other professionals be given some kind of exemption to be able to work with young people from their own countries within programmes, or in partnerships, and that they are paid.

  7.  That public service adverts and short programmes are created and presented to the public that presents acceptable modes of behaviour and good conduct (citizenship for young people).

  8.  That this, or another committee should be asking these question each year until the problem is managed.

  9.  Prisons and detention centres encouraged and tooled up to provide moral and ethical education, and to teach the Calling The Shots Curriculum to under 25 year olds.

  10.  The promotion of positive British home grown music, cinema and other art forms.

  11.  More combative and team sport in school, so they learn to cope with defeat and success graciously.

  12.  Fully staffed safe houses/centres for young people in conflict with parents.

  13.  More new language choices, taught alongside the usual European ones, that are relevant to the communities that the schools serve, ie Peckham = Yoruba.

  14.  More twinning of cities and exchanges.

  15.  More information given in school about the political/citizenship process to help young people understand how the country is governed at both local and national levels. This can be done through the arts, Youth Forums, Mayors Office, etc.

  16.  More culturally-specific counselling and therapy. Current provision eg, CAHMS is falling short of its outcomes in relation to Every Child Matters.

Ms Decima Francis

November 2006

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Prepared 15 June 2007