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Here you can browse the Written Evidence ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 25 January 2007.

Written evidence


1 —Evidence submitted by the Department of Health (PPI 1)

2—Evidence submitted by Action against Medical Accidents (PPI 40)

3—Evidence submitted by the Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Alliance (ARMA) (PPI 149)

4—Evidence submitted by Arthritis Care (PPI 130)

5—Evidence submitted by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (PPI 79)

6—Evidence submitted by Asthma UK (PPI 103)

7—Evidence submitted by Avon, Somerset and Wiltshire area PPI Forums (PPI 89)

8—Evidence submitted by Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals NHS Trust PPI Forum (PPI 13)

9—Evidence submitted by BLISS (PPI 9)

10—Evidence submitted by Breakthrough Breast Cancer (PPI 42)

11—Evidence submitted by Bristol PCT PPI Forum, United Bristol Hospitals NHS Trust PPI Forum and North Bristol NHS Trust PPI Forum (PPI 63)

12—Evidence submitted by the British Medical Association's Patient Liaison Group (PPI 148)

13—Evidence from Canterbury City Council Health Scrutiny Panel (PPI 113)

14—Evidence submitted by The Centre for Public Scrutiny (PPI 62)

15—Evidence submitted by the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Trust PPI Forum (PPI 33)

16—Evidence submitted by the Civil Service Pensioners' Alliance (PPI 34)

17—Evidence submitted by the Commission for Patient and Public Involvement in Health (PPI 109)

18—Evidence submitted by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (PPI 144)

19—Evidence submitted by Contact a Family (PPI 8)

20—Evidence submitted by Community Investors (PPI 128)

21—Evidence submitted by Countess of Chester Hospital PPI Forum (PPI 87)

22—Evidence submitted by County Durham and Darlington Acute Hospitals PPI Forum (PPI 4)

23—Evidence submitted by Craven, Harrogate & Rural District PPI Forum Group (PPI 12)

24—Evidence submitted by Diabetes UK (PPI 100)

25—Evidence submitted by the Disability Rights Commission (PPI 137)

26—Evidence submitted by Dr Foster Intelligence (PPI 125)

27—Evidence submitted by Ealing PCT PPI Forum (PPI 133)

28—Evidence submitted by East of England Ambulance PPI Forum (PPI 124)

29—Evidence submitted by Epilepsy Action (PPI 36)

30—Evidence submitted by Epsom and St Helier University NHS Trust PPI Forum and Sutton and Merton PCT PPI Forum (PPI 93)

31—Evidence submitted by South East Essex PCT PPI Forums (PPI 136)

32—Evidence submitted by West Essex PPI Forum (PPI 29)

33—Evidence submitted by the Family Planning Association (PPI 82)

34—Evidence submitted by Gateshead Hospitals PPI Forum (PPI 2)

35—Evidence submitted by General Medical Council (PPI 147)

36—Evidence submitted by Hammersmith and Fulham Service User Network (PPI 68)

37—Evidence submitted by Hampshire County Council Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (PPI 48)

38—Evidence submitted by the Health Advocacy Partnership (PPI 99)

39—Evidence submitted by the Health Foundation (PPI 117)

40—Evidence submitted by Health link (PPI 121)

41—Evidence submitted by the Healthcare Commission (PPI 107)

42—Evidence submission from Help the Hospices (PPI 17)

43—Evidence submitted by Herefordshire County Council Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (PPI 86)

44—Evidence submitted by Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals Trust PPI Forum (PPI 30)

45—Evidence submitted by INVOLVE (PPI 98)

46—Evidence submitted by the Keep Our NHS Public Campaign (PPI 66)

47—Evidence submitted from the Chairs of Kensington & Chelsea PCT Forum and Chelsea & Westminster Foundation Trust Forum (PPI 14)

48—Evidence submitted by the Kettering General Hospital Patient and Public Involvement Forum (PPI 7)

49—Evidence submitted by Kingston PCT Forum (PPI 80)

50—Evidence submitted by Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland PPI Forum (PPI 64)

51—Evidence submitted by the Local Government Association (PPI 108)

52—Evidence submitted by the London Network of NHS Patients' Forums (PPI 96)

53—Evidence submitted by Hounslow Primary Care Trust, West Middlesex University Hospital, Ealing Hospital, Ealing Primary Care Trust, Hillingdon Primary Care Trust, Hillingdon Hospitals, West London Mental Health Trust PPI Forum (PPI 141)

54—Evidence submitted by West London Mental Health Trust PPI Forum (PPI 45)

55—Evidence submitted by LMCA (PPI 126)

56—Evidence submitted by Macmillan Cancer Support (PPI 111)

57—Evidence submitted by Macmillan Patient and Public Involvement, Central South Coast Cancer Network (PPI 56)

58—Evidence submitted by Medway Community Health PPI forum (PPI 53)

59—Evidence submitted by Monitor (PPI 118)

60—Evidence submitted by the Moore Adamson Craig Partnership (PPI 39)

61—Evidence submitted by the Motor Neutrone Disease Association (PPI 55)

62—Evidence submitted by the National Cancer Research Institute (PPI 32)

63—Evidence submitted by the National Pensioners Convention (PPI 25)

64—Evidence submitted by the NHS Alliance (PPI 81)

65—Evidence submitted by the NHS Confederation (PPI 142)

66—Evidence submitted by the NHS Centre for Involvement (PPI 129)

67—Evidence submitted by the National Consumer Council (PPI 114)

68—Evidence submitted by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (PPI 61)

69—Evidence submitted by the National Association for Patient Participation (PPI 83)

70—Evidence submitted by Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital PPI Forum (PPI 27)

71—Evidence submitted by North East Ambulance Service PPI Forum (PPI 16)

72—Evidence submitted by North Tyneside Patient and Public Involvement Forum (PPI 51)

73—Evidence submitted by the Northern Group of Oxfordshire PCT PPI Forum (PPI 65)

74—Evidence submitted by Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust PPI Forum (PPI 46)

75—Evidence submitted by the Oxfordshire Locality Group of the Mental Health (Oxon and Bucks) PPI Forum (PPI 71)

76—Evidence submitted by Oxford and Bucks Area of South Central Ambulance Service PPI Forum (PPI 135)

77—Evidence submitted by the Parkinson's Disease Society (PPI 1200

78—Evidence submitted by Patient Opinion (PPI 88)

79—Evidence submitted by London Ambulance Service Patients' Forum (PPI 78)

80—Evidence submitted by the Patients Forum (PPI 92)

81—Evidence submitted by Peterborough Primary Care PPI Forum and Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals PPI Forum (PPI 3)

82—Evidence submitted by The Picker Institute (PPI 97)

83—Evidence submitted by Redcar and Cleveland PPI Forum (PPI 4)

84—Evidence submitted by Richmond and Twickenham PCT PPI Forum (PPI 140)

85—Evidence submitted by the Royal Brompton PPI Forum (PPI 59)

86—Evidence submitted by the Royal College of Nursing (PPI 134)

87—Evidence submitted by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (PPI 19)

88—Evidence submitted by The Royal College of Radiologists (PPI 50)

89—Evidence submitted by the Royal College of Surgeons of England Patient Liaison Group (PPI 85)

90—Evidence submitted by the Shaw Trust (PPI 127)

91—Evidence submitted by Sheffield Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust PPI Forum (PPI 52)

92—Evidence submitted by the Socialist Health Association (PPI 123)

93—Evidence submitted by South East Coast Strategic Health Authority (PPI 112)

94—Evidence submitted by the Southwark Patients Forum for Primary Care (PPI 54)

95—Evidence submitted by St Mary's NHS Trust PPI Forum (PPI 145)

96—Evidence submitted by Tower Hamlets PPI Forum, Barts and the London Hospital PPI Forum and the East London and the City Mental Health PPI Forum (PPI 70)

97—Evidence submitted by the UK Clinical Research Collaboration Patient and Public Involvement Project Group (PPI 91)

98—Evidence submitted by UNISON (PPI 105)

99—Evidence submitted by University College London Hospital Foundation Trust PPI Forum (PPI 75)

100—Evidence submitted by Wandsworth Primary Care PPI Forum (PPI 69)

101—Evidence submitted by Warwickshire PPI Forum (PPI 5)

102—Evidence submitted by Westminster PCT PPI Forum (PPI 102)

103—Evidence submitted by West Sussex PPI Forum Chairs (PPI 67)

104—Evidence submitted by Which? (PPI 106)

105—Evidence submitted by Whipps Cross University Hospital NHS Trust (PPI 116)

106—Evidence submitted by Winchester & Eastleigh Healthcare Trust PPI Forum (PPI 44)

107—Evidence submitted by Worcestershire County Council Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (PPI 115)

108—Evidence submitted by Yorkshire and Humberside Specialist Forums (PPI 28)

109—Evidence submitted by Louise Bate (PPI 95)

110—Evidence submitted by Jennifer Beesley (PPI 41)

111—Evidence submitted by Judy Birch (PPI 101)

112—Evidence submitted by Susan Booth (PPI 94)

113—Evidence submitted by Malcolm Budd (PPI 84)

114—Evidence submitted by Judie Collins (PPI 10)

115—Evidence submitted by Mike Cox (PPI 21)

116—Evidence submitted by Seton During (PPI 24)

117—Evidence submitted by Ron Eskdale (PPI 43)

118—Evidence submitted by Ray Evans (PPI 37)

119—Evidence submitted by John Fearn (PPI 22)

120—Evidence submitted by Barry Fineberg (PPI 15)

121—Evidence submitted by Tony Fletcher, Scout Enterprises (PPI 60)

122—Evidence submitted by Trevor Gash (PPI 146)

123—Evidence submitted by Gerald Gilbert (PPI 138)

124—Evidence submitted by Dr Martin Gorsky (PPI 90)

125—Evidence submitted by Nick Green (PPI 77)

126—Evidence submitted by James Halsey (PPI 20)

127—Evidence submitted by Mr U Hawtin (PPI 57)

128—Evidence submitted by Dr John Hyslop (PPI 11)

129—Evidence submitted by Robert Jones (PPI 18)

130—Evidence submitted by John Kapp (PPI 31)

131—Evidence submitted by Mandy Lawrence (PPI 26)

132—Evidence submitted by Jean Lewis (PPI 23)

133—Evidence submitted by Brenda O'Neill (PPI 143)

134—Evidence submitted by Jean Nunn-Price (PPI 139)

135—Evidence submitted by Len Roberts (PPI 74)

136—Evidence submitted by Peter Robinson (PPI 15)

137—Evidence submitted by Mike Tiernan (PPI 110)

138—Evidence submitted by Paul Brian Torey (PPI 47)

139—Evidence submitted by Nora Warner (PPI 19)

140—Evidence submitted by Mr John Wigley (PPI 104)

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