Select Committee on Health Written Evidence

118. Evidence submitted by Ray Evans (PPI 37)

  My comments in relation to PPIF involvement are as follows:

  1.  The PPIF is totally independent and deals with its PCT from a patients perspective and can evaluate its findings by actually speaking to patients as distinct for example the Healthcare Commission which mainly analyses data supplied by the PCT's and has minimal "coal face involvement".

  2.  Regardless of what the Under Secretary of State as said in support of change in that PPIF's duplicate other inspection agencies. The actual situation is that this is not the case . I am not aware of any other agency actually physically visiting doctors surgeries, health centres, or hospital wards. We actually walk "the patients pathways" with the patients and identify problems. The PPIF does not deal in conceptual patient care or "NHS wish lists".

  3.  The new LINK's Forum's should retain statutory inspection rights.

  4.  The expertise of current PPIF members should be retained along with existing structure.

  5.  The most cost effective option would be to "bolt on" Local Authority members and single medical issue groups to the forum.

  6.  Funding for LINK's should be "ring fenced" if delegated to Local Authorities.

  7.  There is no problem I am currently aware of in the relationship of PPIF's with OSC's, PCT's and the Healthcare Commission. I think that the suggestion of "overlap" is something of a distraction. I have never encountered this problem and it has never been raised by any other forum members in my area.

  8.  All agencies would hopefully be striving to ensure that the best medical care is quickly and readily available regardless of which direction an agency approaches the problem.

  The PPIF's are currently the ONLY independent voluntary patient advocates within a monolithic and bureaucratic organisation. The totally replace them with other nominees from other branches of government would be to negate the mantra that the NHS should be patient led.

Ray Evans

PPI Forum for the East Riding of Yorkshire (comments are made as an individual)

20 December 2006

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Prepared 6 February 2007