Select Committee on Health Written Evidence

119. Evidence submitted by John Fearn (PPI 22)

  There has been a marked failure on the part of the Commission for Patient & Public Involvement in Health to conduct the above procedures in a fair, just and equable manner. Being an independent non-departmental Government body its complaints procedures are independent of the Department of Health and the Minister of State responsible for this body dues to intervene when irregularities and injustices of CPPIH's administration of the Complaints procedures are brought to attention.

  The Minister of State's attention having on four occasions, been drawn, to serious maladministration by CPPIH's of their Complaints procedure by Bob Blizzard MP, Waveney, refused to intervene on every occasion. Reference was made to the availability of access-to the Parliamentary Ombudsman, as a final resort, but, invariably such access is denied because Para 10 of Schedule 3 of The Parliamentary Commissioner Act 1967 bars investigation of complain regarding public service personnel matters.

  Attached is a copy of the latest rejection by the Minister of State who, in the second proffers a contradiction in terms where she declines to act yet supports the conduct of CPPIH. [73]The matter referred to should not have been regarded as a complaint, but, refusal by CPPIH to furnish membership detail of a PPI Forum Chairman, in contravention of the empowering Parliamentary Statutory Instrument, In her final paragraph the Minister advocates the need for transparent communication and public accountability.

  May I take this opportunity to offer to give verbal evidence to support allegations and in any case I should wish to be present at this Session of the Select Committee's investigation of Patient & Public Involvement in NHS.

John Fearn

4 January 2007

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Prepared 6 February 2007