Select Committee on Health Written Evidence

48. Evidence submitted by the Kettering General Hospital Patient and Public Involvement Forum (PPI 7)

  This submission of evidence is on behalf of the Kettering General Hospital Patient and Public Involvement Forum of which I am the Chair. We realise that in answering the points raised in your inquiry that some of our answers are repetitive. However we feel that it is essential to reinforce our views.

  We are not making a request to give oral evidence but would be quite willing to do so if you should think it necessary.


  1.  The purpose of patient and public involvement is to involve as many people as possible in having a say in their health and social care.

  2.  If membership is too large LINks will be unwieldy and expensive and not good value for money.

  3.  People's opinions should be sought on a wider basis but the organisation representing these views should be more streamlined

  4.  The remit of LINks should be to monitor the whole patient journey and care in the community. LINks must be independent of local councils and must not be political.

  5.  Membership of LINks must not be too large as this will make the organisation unwieldy; however it needs to be large enough to allow for further sub-committees to continue the already established work with Acute, Mental Health and Ambulance Trusts.

  There should be a manageable number of members that consult with a wider public and voluntary organisations.

  6.  Funding for LINks must be ring fenced.

  7.  An area focus should be maintained through locality based sub-committees; otherwise a local focus will be lost.

  8.  It is essential that LINks have powers of monitoring and audit.

  9.  It is important that existing relationships with local health Trusts are maintained in the new system.

  10.  National co-ordination is important however this does not need to be established immediately.

  11.  PPI Forums already have established links with OSC's, Trust Boards, the Healthcare Commission and PALS and local Voluntary Organisations. These links must be maintained. The Forums work with local authorities through the OSC.


  We are particularly concerned to emphasize the close links we have with Kettering Hospital and the co-operative work that has been established. Forum members sit on several hospital committees to represent the patient and public view, the Chair and Vice-Chair attend Board Meetings, and the we have reinforced the campaign for infection prevention and control by promoting with presentations and visual displays what the public can do to contribute to this important matter. We would like to think that this could be maintained by us as a sub-committee of LINks.

  We also feel that it is important to organise the LINks set up in a way that will not dissipate Patient and Public Involvement. This is why we consider a core membership with wide reference to the general public is a good approach.

  We would also emphasise our links with OSC's, Trust Boards, the Healthcare Commission, PALS and local Voluntary Organisations. It would be advantageous to maintain and build on these as a part of the new LINks.

Sheila White

Chair, Kettering General Hospital Patient & Public Involvement Forum

18 December 2006

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Prepared 6 February 2007