Select Committee on Health Written Evidence

54. Evidence submitted by West London Mental Health Trust PPI Forum (PPI 45)

  As a committed and growing PPI Forum we welcome the continuation of the chance to continue to input and oversee the debate of mental health provision under the WLMHT. Much has been achieved by our Forum and we are determined to continue our work.

  However, under the new proposals, this Forum will be split up by the proposal of LINKs based on borough boundaries. In effect this means that the WLMHT will have three forums (LINKs) to work with, therefore replicating their work three times (possibly not a good use of public funds). Furthermore, we, as a forum, will be split and our support and concern and experience of the WLMHT will be similarly diluted.

  As we are all well aware, mental health continues to be stigmatized despite the fact that nearly a third of all workers will suffer from a mental health problem and more incapacity benefit is paid out for mental health problems than back pain.

  In order to protect such an important and specialist service we propose that a structure is set up between the three LINKs as a single committee for mental health. This will ensure that vital knowledge is kept within the community to best serve the Trust and its users.

West London Mental Health Trust PPI Forum

8 January 2007

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Prepared 6 February 2007