Select Committee on Health Written Evidence

91. Evidence submitted by Sheffield Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust PPI Forum (PPI 52)

  I have been a member of this Forum since it started and during the last three years we have worked with the following groups:

Primary Schools

Secondary Schools

Local Surestart and Children's Centres

Family Service Unit

SIGN (an information centre for disabled children, young people and their families)

Northern Refugee Centre

Oral Health Promotion Unit

SHINE (Self Help Independence Nutrition and Exercise)

Somali Mental Health

Travellers Health Group

Healthy Cross Initiative

Various support groups for parents/carers of children with special needs, Alder Hey, Great Ormond Street and Birmingham Children's Hospital Forums (regular meetings)

  We also spend time in the hospital talking to patients and parents about any concerns they may wish to raise with us.

  One of our members attends the Trust Board meetings, and we have one member on the Diversity and Involvement Committee of the hospital, and have close links with the PALS service and management team. We also work with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Teams in Sheffield as this service is part of the Trust's responsibilities. One member sits on the Children and Young People Scrutiny and Policy Development Board at Sheffield City Council which scrutinises all aspects of service provision for young people in the city.

    —  Our members feel that the work we do does not fit within the remit of local involvement as acute trusts have their own board and executive who have been appointed for their ability to manage their organisation particularly in the case of specialist children's hospitals where patients travel from all areas of the country.

    —  The 500 responses to the consultation by the Department of Health did not indicate any real interest from the public. 50% of the 500 responses were from PPI forum members, 14% from NHS staff,13% from Local Government, 13% from Stakeholders, 4% were unspecified, 1% each from FSO staff and Trade Unions and 2% each from MPs and members of the public. Given the difficulty CIPPHE have encountered in recruiting and retaining members even with their large budget this 2% does not look like a demand for greater involvement from the public.

    —  There has been no formal review to ascertain what the problem—if indeed there is one—was with the existing forums

    —  Our Forum already does exactly what the Department of Health says it wants LINks to do but without the budget and autonomy we now have although our focus is only on children rather than all social services and health care within a local area.

    —  We have succeeded despite having only four active members during all of the previous three years

Alice Riddell

Vice Chair, Sheffield Children's Hospital NHS Foundation Trust PPI Forum

9 January 2007

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Prepared 6 February 2007