Select Committee on Health Written Evidence

Evidence submitted by Jacquie Connolly (AUDIO 29)


  1.  It is unlikely that accurate data is available as not all Trusts are reporting on the same waiting times (as confirmed by verbal, unformal enquiry in the local area).

  2.  Clear clarification is needed as to what should be reported as a pure tone audiogram (PTA) is not the same as a hearing aid assessment (although a PTA forms part of the initial assessment).


  3.  Diagnostic Audiometry is only a small part of the service provided by Audiology Departments.

  4.  Audiology services are, in the majority, a rehabilitative service providing treatment for, and advising on, a life long condition (as distinct from other diagnostic services were the departments responsibility ceases after testing).


  5.  There is currently a huge capacity gap between the numbers of patients being referred and the capacity available.

  6.  The gap (and the backlog) was being addressed by previous capacity initiatives such as extra funding for overtime and the Public Private Partnership (PPP)—with the withdrawal of the additional funding the gaps soon became apparent.

  7.  The PPP scheme provided "joined up" private sector provision .It was most successful when effectively managed by the NHS department and when IT issues were resolved. It provided a seamless increase in capacity and increased patient choice whilst being assured of robust clinical governance and parity of service.

Jacquie Connolly

February 2007

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Prepared 16 May 2007