Select Committee on Health Written Evidence

Evidence submitted by Paul Piper (AUDIO 3)

  My view, for what it's worth is:

  There is no point in treating an audiology patient the same as an x-ray or an MRI scan. In the latter case, you turn up, have the scan and go home. An audiology patient is not just for one hour, they are for the rest of their life.

  This must be taken into account when farming out large numbers of patients to ATOS Origin et al. Who looks after these patients in the long term? Who have the skills to treat complicated cases? NHS audiologists do.

  Think about the long term not just the short term, papering-over-the-cracks reactive approach. If you devoted the same amount of money that has been ploughed into PPP and this new approach to the private sector, we just might get somewhere with our waiting lists.

  But then again, what do I know? I've only been working in audiology for 18 years.

Paul Piper

Adult Rehabilitation Lead, Audiology, Bournemouth and Poole Primary Care Trust

 [comments made as an individual]

19 January 2007

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Prepared 16 May 2007