Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons First Report


Wednesday 28 February 2007  Page
Mr Peter Riddell, The Times, Mr Nick Robinson, BBC News, and Mr Michael White, The Guardian Ev 1

Wednesday 14 March 2007
Professor Robert Blackburn, King's College London, Professor Philip Cowley, University of Nottingham, and Professor Lord Norton of Lough, University of Hull Ev 20
Dr Philip Giddings, University of Reading, Ms Gemma Rosenblatt, Hansard Society, and Professor Michael Rush, University of Exeter Ev 38

Wednesday 21 March 2007
Mr Peter Bone MP, and Jo Swinson MP Ev 44
Emily Thornberry MP, and Kitty Ussher MP Ev 55

Wednesday 28 March 2007
John Bercow MP, Mr Andrew Dismore MP, and Martin Salter MP Ev 67

Wednesday 18 April 2007
Rt Hon Sir Alan Haselhurst MP, Chairman of Ways and Means, and Mr David Doig, Clerk of Bills, House of Commons Ev 82
Rt Hon Michael Jack MP, Rt Hon Alan Williams MP, Dr Tony Wright MP, and Rt Hon Sir George Young MP Ev 90

Wednesday 9 May 2007
Malcolm Jack, Clerk of the House, and Douglas Millar, Clerk Assistant, House of Commons Ev 106

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Prepared 20 June 2007