Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons First Report

Reports from the Committee since the beginning of the 2001 Parliament

Session 2006-07
First Report Revitalising the Chamber: the role of the back bench Member HC 337

Session 2005-06

First Report

The Legislative Process HC 1097

Session 2004-05
First Special Report Connecting Parliament with the Public: the House of Commons Commission's Response to the Committee's First Report of Session 2003-04 HC 69
First ReportSitting Hours HC 88 (incorporating HC 892 of Session 2003-04)
Second Report

Volume I

Scrutiny of European Business


HC 465-I
Volume IIOral and written evidence HC 465-II (incorporating HC 565 i-v, Session (2003-04)

Session 2003-04
First ReportConnecting Parliament with the Public HC 368 (Reply: see above, Session 2004-05, HC 69)
MemorandumScrutiny of European Matters in the House of Commons: Government Memorandum from the Leader of the House of Commons HC 508

Session 2002-03
First ReportProgramming of Bills HC 1222

Session 2001-02
First ReportSelect Committees
Volume I

Volume II


Minutes of Evidence and Appendices

HC 224-I

HC 224-II

Second ReportModernisation of the House of Commons: A Reform Programme
Volume I

Volume II


Appendices to the Report

HC 1168-I

HC 1168-II

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Prepared 20 June 2007