Select Committee on Modernisation of the House of Commons Written Evidence

Memorandum from Sir Patrick Cormack MP (M31)


  The first and best use of non-legislative time is to increase it by decreasing the amount of time available for legislation. We pass far too many laws.

  Another way of increasing the amount of time available for Members to debate issues would be to restore the balloted Motions. These gave Members the opportunity to vote on substantive motions.

  If over 300 Members of the House sign a Motion time should be allowed for it to be debated within the week, even if that means having an evening sitting on a Wednesday.

  One Adjournment Debate each week—in the Chamber—should be of an hour and a half's duration, and on a topical subject selected by Mr Speaker on the basis of submissions from backbenchers, made to him by 12 noon on a Monday. The extended Adjournment Debate should take place on a Wednesday or Thursday.

January 2007

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Prepared 20 June 2007