Select Committee on Public Accounts Thirty-Third Report

List of Reports from the Committee of Public Accounts Session 2006-07

The reference number of the Government's response to each Report is printed in brackets after the HC printing number.
First ReportTsunami: Provision of support for humanitarian assistance HC 25 (Cm 7018)
Second ReportImproving literacy and numeracy in schools (Northern Ireland) HC 108 (Cm 7035)
Third ReportCollections Management in the National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland HC 109 (Cm 7035)
Fourth ReportGas distribution networks: Ofgem's role in their sale, restructuring and future regulation HC 110 (Cm 7019)
Fifth ReportPostcomm and the quality of mail services HC 111 (Cm 7018)
Sixth ReportGaining and retaining a job: the Department for Work and Pensions support for disabled people HC 112 (Cm 7019)
Seventh ReportDepartment for Work and Pensions: Using leaflets to communicate with the public about services and entitlements HC 133 (Cm 7020)
Eighth ReportTackling Child Obesity—First Steps HC 157 (Cm 7020)
Ninth ReportThe Paddington Health Campus Scheme HC 244 (Cm 7076)
Tenth ReportFines Collection HC 245 (Cm 7020)
Eleventh ReportSupporting Small Business HC 262 (Cm 7076)
Twelfth ReportExcess Votes 2005-06 HC 346
Thirteenth ReportSmarter Food Procurement in the Public Sector HC 357 (Cm 7077)
Fourteenth ReportMinistry of Defence: Delivering digital tactical communications through the Bowman CIP Programme HC 358 (Cm 7077)
Fifteenth ReportThe termination of the PFI contract for the National Physical Laboratory HC 359 (Cm 7077)
Sixteenth ReportThe Provision of Out-of-Hours Care in England HC 360 (Cm 7077)
Seventeenth Report Financial Management of the NHS HC 361 (Cm 7077)
Eighteenth ReportDFID: Working with Non-Governmental and other Civil Society Organisations to promote development HC 64 (Cm 7077)
Nineteenth ReportA Foot on the Ladder: Low Cost Home Ownership Assistance HC 134 (Cm 7077)
Twentieth ReportDepartment of Health: The National Programme for IT in the NHS HC 390
Twenty-first Report Progress in Combat Identification HC 486
Twenty-second Report Tax creditsHC 487
Twenty-third Report The office accommodation of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and its sponsored bodies HC 488
Twenty-fourth Report Ofwat: Meeting the demand for water HC 286
Twenty-fifth Report Update on PFI debt refinancing and the PFI equity market HC 158
Twenty-sixth Report Department for Work and Pensions: Progress in tackling pensioner poverty—encouraging take-up entitlements HC 169
Twenty-seventh Report Delivering successful IT-enabled business change HC 113
Twenty-eighth Report ASPIRE—the re-competition of outsourced IT services HC 179
Twenty-ninth Report Department of Health: Improving the use of temporary nursing staff in NHS acute and foundation trusts HC 142
Thirtieth ReportThe Modernisation of the West Coast Main Line HC 189
Thirty-first Report Central government's use of consultants HC 309
Thirty-second Report The right of access to open countryside HC 91
Thirty-third Report Assessing the value for money of HC 275

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Prepared 26 June 2007