Select Committee on Science and Technology Twelfth Report

List of written evidence

1  (SDA01) Department of Health

2  (SDA02) Dr Ellie Lee, University of Kent

3  (SDA03) Lejeune Clinic for Children with Down's Syndrome

4  (SDA04) Dr Stuart Derbyshire, University of Birmingham, School of Psychology

5  (SDA05) Professor Sally Sheldon, Kent Law School

6  (SDA07) ProLife Alliance (PLA)

7  (SDA08) Comment on Reproductive Ethics (CORE)

8  (SDA09) Ruth Graham et al, Newcastle University

9  (SDA10) Family Planning Association

10  (SDA11) Theresa Lynch

11  (SDA12) Guild of Catholic Doctors

12  (SDA13) Submission from the BMA

13  (SDA14) History & Policy

14  (SDA15) Dr Joel Brind, University of New York

15  (SDA16) Professor Rev Robin Gill, University of Kent

16  (SDA17) Scottish Council on Human Bioethics

17  (SDA18) Royal College of Nursing

18  (SDA19) Faculty of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care

19  (SDA20) All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Choice and Sexual Health Group

20  (SDA21) Medical Research Council

21  (SDA22) Professor Byron C. Calhoun, Professor and Vice-Chair, Department of Obstetrics and
Gynecology, West Virginia University

22  (SDA23) Dr Vincent Argent

23  (SDA24) Dr Chris Richards and Dr Mark Houghton

24  (SDA25) Reproductive Health Matters

25  (SDA26) Dr Sam Rowlands

26  (SDA27) Dr Gregory Gardner

27  (SDA28) Dr Hans-Christian Raabe

28  (SDA29) David Randall, Final Year Medical Student

29  (SDA30) Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

30  (SDA31) Professor Patricia Casey

31  (SDA32) Antenatal Results and Choices (ARC)

32  (SDA33) Brook

33  (SDA34) CARE

34  (SDA35) Christian Medical Fellowship

35  (SDA36) The Lawyers' Christian Fellowship

36  (SDA37) Council for Health and Wholeness

37  (SDA38) Professor John S Wyatt

38  (SDA39) Dr Alex Bunn

39  (SDA40) The Maranatha Community

40  (SDA41) Alive and Kicking

41  (SDA42) Society for the Protection of Unborn Children

42  (SDA43) Marie Stopes International

43  (SDA44) The British Association of Perinatal Medicine

44  (SDA45) Abortion Rights

45  (SDA46) Independent Advisory Group on Sexual Health and HIV

46  (SDA47) LIFE

47  (SDA48) BPAS

48  (SDA49) Sally Carson, Nurse

49  (SDA06) Madeleine Simms

50  (SDA50) Wendy Savage

51  (SDA 13A) Supplementary evidence from BMA

52  (SDA 24A) Supplementary evidence from Dr Chris Richards

53  (SDA 38A) Supplementary evidence from Professor John Wyatt

54  (SDA 38B) Supplementary evidence from Professor John Wyatt

55  (SDA 01A) Supplementary evidence from the Department of Health

56  (SDA 26A) Supplementary evidence from Dr Sam Rowlands

57   (SDA 52) Dr James Trussell, Katherine A Guthrie and Dr Sam Rowlands

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© Parliamentary copyright 2007
Prepared 6 November 2007