Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence

Memorandum 48

Submission from Sally Carson, Registered General Nurse

  Please take time to note my comments, as a Registered General Nurse and trained midwife, on the inquiry on Nurses performing surgical abortions.

  Firstly, I do not think that the consultation should have been with a few Nurses who are working in Women's hospitals, or clinics.

  The wider field of Nurses, through a questionnaire, after pros and cons had been circulated, would have been a better estimate of our views.

  There are, of course, ethical and moral considerations, and a need for the Nurse's role to continue as a supporting role, with a positive image. Terminating life has, and is, a negative image.

  Surgical abortion is a dangerous procedure and should only be within a doctor's remit. It does not have the approval of the BMA or most doctors.

  The extra training will take staff and money, from an already finically embarrassed NHS, leaving less finance for the usual upgrading and expansion of nurse skills. (I know for a fact that many NHS post- graduate faculties can not meet the request for even IV courses and Advanced Life Support courses).

  For many this will be contrary to their personal code of practice, "To do no harm" and their years of nurturing, caring and maintaining life.

  This will have pyschological and/or emotional affect, not only from the realisation that they have terminated an innocent human life, but by the knowledge of the traumatic knock-on, long term affect, on their client. especiaaly if there are complications, which is one reason why many Doctors are refusing to perform abortions.

September 2007

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Prepared 15 November 2007