Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence

Annex 1


Cash to RAB     RAB Introduction
December IYM Forecast
2000-012001-02 2002-032003-04 2004-052005-06

479.0503.5462.5 500.6575.0
Expenditure478.0 501.3423.4487.8 554.0
EYF1.0 21.0
EYF adjustments-4.00.8
Cumulative EYF 1.0-1.738.1 50.950.9
EYF Drawndown1.021.0

Notes to EYF adjustments:
2002-03All £1,025k EYF drawdown at beginning of year.

Repayment of OST loan taken out of carried forward EYF.

Adjustment between provisonal and final outturn.
2003-04Inherited £768k NCOA cumulative EYF.
2005-06Misunderstanding between EPSRC & OST meant that £21 million was drawndown from cumulative EYF by OST.

EPSRC had planned to take £21 million for RCUK loan from DEL—hence £21 million underspend.

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Prepared 3 April 2007