Select Committee on Science and Technology Fifth Report

Written evidence

1  St Mary's University College  

2  ProLife Alliance  

3  Reverend Christopher Johnson  

4  Cystic Fibrosis Trust  

5  Mrs Marie Rodgers  

6  The Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute of Cancer and Developmental Biology, University of Cambridge  

7  Biosciences Federation  

8  European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology  

9  Scottish Council on Human Bioethics  

10  Multiple Sclerosis Society and the Alzheimer's Society  

11  Dr. Stephen Brennan, Master of the Guild of Catholic Doctors  

12  Institute of Biology  

13  Peter McCullagh  

14  North-East England Stem Cell Institute (NESCI)  

15  Dr Robin Lovell-Badge  

16  Muscular Dystrophy Campaign  

17  Mary Frances Dysko  

18  Janet Cuthie and Jenny Hepburn  

19  Alzheimer Scotland  

20  Dr Lyle Armstrong, University of Newcastle upon Tyne  

21  Christian Action Research and Education (CARE)  

22  Scottish Stem Cell Network (SSCN)  

23  Christian Medical Fellowship  

24  Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists  

25  Motor Neurone Disease Association  

26  Lawyers' Christian Fellowship  

27  Dr Neville Cobbe, University of Edinburgh  

28  Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC)  

29  Professor Sir Martin Evans  

30  Comment on Reproductive Ethics (CORE)  

31  British Medical Association  

32  Association of Clinical Embryologists  

33  Cancer Research UK  

34  The United Kingdom National Stem Cell Network (Uknscn)  

35  Medical Research Council and the Wellcome Trust  

36  Bioindustry Association  

37  Department of Health  

38  Dr Elizabeth Allan  

39  Genetic Interest Group  

40  Linacre Centre for HealthCare Ethics  

41  The Academy of Medical Sciences  

42  Parkinson's Disease Society of the United Kingdom  

43  Cameron McLarty  

44  Centre for Regenerative Medicine, the Queen's Medical Research Institute, University of Edinburgh  

45  Royal Society  

46  Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA)  

47  Professor Thomas Baldwin, Department of Philosophy, University of York  

48  Dr Jus St. John, Lecturer in Mitochondrial and Reproductive Genetics, Medical School, University of Birmingham  

49  Dr Stephen Minger, Director, Stem Cell Biology Laboratory, Wolfson Centre for Age-Related Disease, King's College, London  

50  Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)  

51  Human Genetics Alert  

52  Professor Sir Liam Donaldson, Chief Medical Officer of England  

53  Church of Scotland, and the Church and Society Council  

54  Brethren Christian Fellowship (The Brethren)  

55  Department of Trade and Industry  

56  Professor Hui Z. Sheng  

57  The Rt Reverend Dr Lee Rayfield, Bishop of Swindon  

58  National Institute for Biological Standards & Control  

59  Responses to Letter from the Committee to experts in embryo Research   

Alison Murdoch, Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle University  

Professor David H Barlow, University of Glasgow  

Professor Jose B. Cibelli, Michigan State University  

Professor Peter Braude, Kings College London  

Professor Alan Trounson, Monash Institute of Reproduction and Development  

Professor Lorraine Young, Wolfson Centre for Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering and Modelling  

Professor Richard Gardner, University of Oxford  

Dr Daniel Brison, St Mary's Hospital  

Maureen Wood - University of Aberdeen  

Dr Luca Gianaroli, Societá Italiana Studi di Medicina della Riproduzione   

60  Chief Rabbi, Sir Jonathan Sacks  

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Prepared 5 April 2007