Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence

Memorandum 26

Submission from the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship

  I am writing to inform you that the Lawyers' Christian Fellowship has grave concerns about the legality of the HFEA's decision that hybrid embryos come within the remit of the HFEA under the 1990 Act. We have received an opinion from Counsel on this matter and are in the process of looking very carefully at the law surrounding this issue and the decisions and action taken by the HFEA, in particular whether their actions are ultra vires and therefore subject to judicial review proceedings.

  We understand that the HFEA has just begun a consultation into this issue, but our concern is that in deciding this issue is covered by the 1990 Act the HFEA has stepped outside its remit and usurped the role of Parliament.

  We will contact you again on this issue, but intend by this letter to put you on notice that the HFEA may have acted illegally by making this decision.

  We would welcome the opportunity to give oral evidence during your consultation on this matter.

January 2007

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Prepared 5 April 2007