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  50.  The formation of the Southampton Oceanography Centre (now NOCS) in 1994 was a visionary move which enabled a major critical mass of marine science expertise to be brought together in a single location with excellent facilities and raise the international visibility of UK marine science.

  51.  The refocused vision of NOCS from 2005 builds on this with a view to using NOCS more fully as a vehicle for providing a wider enabling role for the UK science (see "The vision"

  52.  The vision is for NOCS to be the national focus for oceanography in the UK with a remit to

    —  achieve scientific excellence in its own right as one of the world's top five oceanographic research institutions;

    —  deliver a diverse mission, which ranges from managing the national research vessel fleet and other major facilities, to programmes of strategic research for NERC, and academic research and education in ocean and earth sciences in support of the University's mission; and

    —  facilitate greater coordination of marine science in the UK and internationally and to provide major services and facilities to the wider science community in an inclusive and impartial manner.

  53.  The NOCS mission encompasses:

    —  research (basic, strategic and applied);

    —  major ocean technology development;

    —  sustained ocean observation;

    —  managing international science programmes;

    —  promoting enterprise and knowledge transfer;

    —  providing advice to Government, business and charities;

    —  promoting engagement between science and society through outreach; and

    —  working with the wider science community to provide strategic leadership, coordination and facilitation for the whole of the UK marine and related earth sciences.

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