Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence




    —    Competent Authority for the EC Water Framework Directive (including transitional and coastal waters);

    —    Effluent discharge permitting and compliance monitoring, under the Water Resources Act 1991, Environmental Protection Act 1990, and Pollution Prevention and Control Act 1999 (out to three nautical miles);

    —    Prosecution for pollution incidents in controlled waters under the Water Resources Act 1991 (out to three nautical miles);

    —    Consenting authority for dredging activities in coastal waters under regional Land Drainage Byelaws;

    —    Regulation of fishing for salmon, migratory trout and eels to three nautical miles under the Environment Act 1995;

    —    Sea Fisheries powers (out to six nautical miles) in a number of transitional waters (estuaries);

    —    Competent and Relevant Authority under the Conservation (Natural Habitats, etc) Regulations 1994;

    —    Competent Authority for the Bathing and Shellfish Waters Directives; and

    —    Competent Authority for the Dangerous Substances Directive.

    —    Flood Risk Management, Water Resources Act 1991;

    —    Regulation of coastal and some offshore installations for radioactivity (Radioactive Substances Act, 1993) and monitoring of sediments, seaweeds and air for radioactivity in the environment.

Monitoring and management

    —    Coastal and tidal flood risk management and shoreline monitoring;

    —    Flood forecasting and warning for sea and tidal flooding in England and Wales;

    —    Navigation—eg Rye Harbour (where we have a port authority role); Dee Conservancy;

    —    Monitoring, assessment and reporting for EC Directives and other international obligations (eg the National Marine Monitoring Programme), including research and Development of marine monitoring and assessment techniques; and

    —    Under the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, lead partner role for coastal saltmarsh and mudflats, (and contacts for many other BAP habitats and species); and

    —    Emergency Planning, eg Bristol Channel Counter Pollution Association Group;

    —    Under Defra's new strategy called "Making Space for Water" it is proposed to give the Environment Agency a strategic overview for all flood and erosion risk management on the coast of England. Under this proposal we will acquire the same powers as a Coastal Authority under the Coast Protection Act 1949.


    —    Planning and development consultations; and

    —    Ports sector—advisory role on management.

    —    Joint Agency and Government Working Groups (eg National Marine Monitoring Programme (NMMP), Review of Marine Nature Conservation).


    —    Recreational activities associated with coastal waters.

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Prepared 18 October 2007