Select Committee on Science and Technology Written Evidence

Annex 3


10/01/02NERC Laboratory Programme Presentation
GOOSAG Report 2001 and plans for 2002
MEDAG Report 2001 and plans for 2002
Govternment Web for Science and Technology
IACMST Website
IACMST Programme 2002
DTI "Beyond Climate Change" meeting
IACMST survey of marine-related activities in UK universities
The Global Climate Observation System
16/05/02University marine research interests
FCO meeting on Law of the Sea
Government Marine Stewardship Report and follow up
NERC Marine Projects Presentation
OST Review of Renewable Energy Research
Developments in Marine Foresight Panel
Future UK involvement in ARGO and JASON-2
Ocean Observatories and Associated Technologies
IACMST Open Forum
12/09/02Future UK involvement in ARGO and JASON-2
IACMST Open Forum
OST Flooding and Coastal Defence Foresight Project
Defra Coastal Zone Mapping meeting
Possibility of working with OST on marketing MST
09/01/03Future Chairmanship of IACMST
CREST Marine Science Meeting and UK Representation
UK Integrated Marine Mapping—data strategies
GOOSAG Report 2002 and 2003 proposals
MEDAG Report 2002 and 2003 proposalsJASON-2
11/06/03JASON-2 UK support
IACMST Plenary member presentations
Climate Change Presentation—RAPID Programme, NERC
Climate Change Presentation—Met Office
UK Integrated Marine Mapping workshop
Autonomy (A commercial software system offering "super-Google" capabilities
Marine CREST Working Group
18/09/03Marine CREST Working Group
JASON-2 UK support
Marine Data and Information—where to now?
UK Ocean Modelling Strategy and European/Global Modelling Centres
Items from Action Group Chairs
European Science Foundation Marine Board
15/01/04European Science Foundation Marine Board
CREST Marine Working Group
Fisheries-related Research
GOOSAG Report 2003 and proposals for 2004
MEDAG Report 2003 and proposals for 2004
ERANET meeting, Madrid
06/05/04Gregynog Workshop
Government Report "Net Benefits" plus presentation
Global Marine Assessment
Marine data and Information—where to now?
Action Group Chairs items—UK monitoring strategy
ARGO and Met Office marine observation moorings Cross-departmental spending review submission on a UK marine observing programme
Oceanology International
Underwater noise and impact on marine mammals
16/09/04Fisheries-related Research
Underwater noise and marine mammals
UK modeling strategy initiative
Eftec Economics Report
Spending review—Outline Bid
IACMST Retreat
IACMST way ahead
13/01/05Marine Bioresources
IACMST Retreat
Underwater Noise and Marine Life Working Group
NGO representation on IACMST
Marine Bill/State of the Seas Report/ EU Marine Strategy
GOOSAG annual report and Forward Look
Argo FloatsLong-term data sets
MEDAG annual report and Forward Look
Profile-raising of IACMST
Spending Review Bid update
Task Force on Asian Tsunami
24/05/05Marine Bioresources
"Net Benefits"
MEDAG Review
Indian Ocean Tsunami
ERANets and MarinERA
Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership
Underwater Noise Working Group
Spending Review and UK Marine Monitoring Programme
IACMST Retreat
Horizon Scanning
Marine Bill and EU Marine Strategy
NCOF and UK GOOS Strategy
"State of the Seas"
Spending Review
UK Argo Programme funding
Sustained observations with CSA
Marine Bioresources
Underwater sound and marine life
IACMST Retreat
Horizon Scanning
Marine Bill and Marine Monitoring Strategy
MDIP Structure
MEDAG Review
ABPMer Marine Spatial Planning Pilot
Hazards and Predictability
30/01/06Marine Bioresources
Horizon Scanning
Underwater sound and marine life
MEDAG review
MDIP review
MEDAG annual report and future plans
GOOSAG annual report and future plans
18/05/06Horizon Scanning
MEDAG review and issues
Underwater sound and marine life
MDIP status and future plans
IACMST response to Marine Bill consultation
Relationship between MMO and IACMST
Marine Bioresources
Oceans 2025
GOOSAG issues and UKMMAS
19/09/06Marine Bill consultation document
Underwater Sound and launch of Forum
Horizon Scanning and Alternative Futures for Marine Ecosystems
Global Monitoring for Environment and Security and possible IACMST role
Marine Core Service
GOOSAG issues including UK Argo funding
Future of GOOSAG, MAPC, and MAPC re UKMMAS
25/01/07Underwater Sound Forum membership
Horizon Scanning
Clarification of status of UKMMAS
IACMST Retreat
Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
Marine aspects of translating science into policy
Oceans 2025 programme—outcome of proposal
IACMST submission to Commons Science and Technology Committee Inquiry
GOOSAG Annual report and plans for 2007 in light of UKMMAS
Secondment from GOOSAG to assist UKMMAS
MEDAG annual Report and plans for 2007
INSPIRE directive
Change in IACMST meeting to one annual full Plenary and more sub-group meetings.
24/05/07Select Committee Inquiry into Marine Science
Marine Bill White Paper
EU Maritime Policy Green Paper
Underwater Sound Forum
IACMST Retreat 2007
GOOSAG progress with transfer to UKMMAS
Status report on UK Argo

Selected acronyms
ARGOSystem of profiling floats
ERANETEuropean Research Area Network
GOOSAGGlobal Ocean Observing System Action Group (the UK' s committee for GOOS)
JASON-2Satellite altimeter mission
MarinERAMarine European Research Area (a specific ERANET)
MEDAGMarine Environmental Data Action Group
NCOFNational Centre for Ocean Forecasting

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