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Memorandum 58

Submission from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)


Interdisciplinary collaborative research

  NERC/ESRC Interdisciplinary Research Studentships—The ESRC and NERC fund jointly a small number of interdisciplinary research studentships each year on environmental issues which are of interest to both Councils. For this year's competition applications relevant to the Living with Environmental Change Programme were encouraged. (This scheme is administered by NERC).

  NERC/ESRC Transdisciplinary Research Seminar Competition—Each year ESRC and NERC invite applications for a Transdisciplinary Research Seminar Competition. This year's competition focused on sustaining future ecosystem services as an initial contribution to the new Living with Environmental Change Partnership Programme. Under this year's competition the two councils have agreed to fund the following in marine related research:

Prof E Matlby (Liverpool University) et al
New approaches to managing ecosystem services in the marine environment
1 September 2007-31 August 2009.

Dr P White (York University)
Coastal Wetland Ecosystem Services
1 November 2007-31 October 2009.

  Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment (CSERGE)—The Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment (CSERGE) at the University of East Anglia is an ESRC Research Centre in the field of environmental and sustainable development. One of the Centres key areas of research is the economics of environmental problems relating to water and watery environments, which includes wetland ecosystems, rivers, lakes and sea bed environments.

  The Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research—The Tyndall Centre, established in 2001 by ESRC, NERC and EPSRC is a national UK centre for inter-disciplinary research on climate change. It is dedicated to the identification, promotion and facilitation of sustainable responses to the challenge of climate change. One of the Centre's seven research programmes is "Coasts", which includes marine related research.

  UK Energy Research Centre—The UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC) was established in 2004 as part of the Research Councils Energy Programme and is funded by ESRC, NERC and EPSRC. One of the research topics under UKERC's "Future Sources of Energy" research theme is "Marine Renewables", investigating wave and tidal stream energy.

Responsive mode funding (in the last five years)

  ESRC has funded the following marine related research under its responsive mode:

Public engagement grant as part of the RCUK National Science Week Awards: Dr D Schroeder, Marine Biological Association, Marine Viruses... Friends or Foe? £2,000, 1 March 2007-31 March 2007.

Small Grant: Dr J A Galloway, University of London, London and the Tidal Thames 1250-1550: Marine Flooding, Embankment and Economic Change, £99,909, 1 March 2008-28 February 2010.

Postdoctoral Fellowship: (Dr Lynda Rodwell, University of York, £26,334, 1 December 2001-31 November 2002).

Standard Grant: Dr James G Carrier, Oxford Brookes University, Conflict in Environmental Conservation: A Jamaican Study, £173,732, 1 January 2004-30 June 2005.

Sustainable Technologies Programme: Dr M Winskel, University of Edinburgh, Building Renewable Energy Innovation Systems, £147,024, 1 February 2004-31 March 2006.

Research Fellowship: Dr J Pugh, University of Westminster, Developing Institutional Capital in the Neo-Liberal Era: Caribbean Environmental Planning, £66,332, 1 February 2003-31 December 2004.

Standard Grant: Professor M Bloor, Cardiff University, Problems of Global Governance of Seafarers' Health and Safety, £66,394, 1 December 2002-31 March 2004.

September 2007

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