Select Committee on Science and Technology Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 420 - 424)



  Q420  Chairman: Was there not jamming of civilian satellites on 7/11?

  Ms Duthie: Yes.

  Q421  Chairman: Was there an agreement in place then and they still jammed the satellites?

  Ms Duthie: They were not jamming Galileo signals, obviously, on 7/11.

  Q422  Chairman: Of course they were not. It was not there.

  Ms Duthie: The agreement covers the conditions for the compatibility of the signals. I cannot remember offhand whether it covers conditions for jamming but that certainly has been one of the discussions and I can write to you on that if that would be helpful.

  Dr Harris: I think that would be helpful.

  Q423  Chairman: That would be very helpful. Could I ask you, finally, are you happy with the state of Galileo programme at the moment? Yes or no? Do you think it is on track?

  Ms Duthie: There are a great many challenges in the Galileo programme.

  Q424  Chairman: Are you happy with where we are at this point in time?

  Ms Duthie: It would be better if we were further along.

  Mr Ackroyd: I am happier than I was four months ago when we had not made the commitment from Great Britain to support in the additional funding requirement.

  Mr McDougal: Reasonably happy.

  Chairman: On that reasonably happy note, may I bring this session to an end. Thank you very much.

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Prepared 17 July 2007