Select Committee on Science and Technology Second Report


Whilst there has been much progress in the fight against doping, more needs to be done. This is of particular importance since it is essential that the UK plays 'clean' and sets a good example for the 2012 Olympics. The UK Government needs to take a very strong stance against doping.

Whilst it is the athlete's own responsibility to ensure that they are not taking illegal substances into their bodies, more comprehensive education is required from the early stage (for example, by education of school children into risks of doping), throughout an athlete's career and for those in supporting roles (for example, coaches and medics).

An independent agency should be established for the investigation and prosecution of doping offences.

It is important to increase research into potential illegal HETs. It is also important to increase research into normal physiology to enable better understanding, and hence detection, of doping and the effects different HETs have. The development of a blood profiling passport would contribute to such research.

Better understanding of legal mechanisms for enhancing performance is required. Better horizon scanning of new developments (e.g. in medical research) is required. There is a need for increased funding for sports science. There is also a need for better translation of research from other disciplines into sport.

The UK should prepare to scale up drug-testing during the 2012 Olympics well in advance of the Games.

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Prepared 22 February 2007