Select Committee on Science and Technology Second Report

9  Conclusion

130. For the size of the industry and the numbers directly engaged in it at a professional level within the UK, sport has a very high public profile and its figureheads are enormously influential, especially amongst young people. Sport matters to people, and both successes and scandals resonate within the community beyond the immediate sporting world. That is why the issue of doping in sport is so important and why it has the potential to turn an occasion for national pride - the 2012 Olympics in London - into an embarrassment and national disgrace. Doping in sport is a worldwide problem but winning the right to hold the Olympics in the UK makes it a pressing issue within this country and one which should command particular Government attention at this time. While we recognise that there is great potential for human enhancement technologies in some forms to be beneficial to sportspeople and the image of sport, it is necessarily the negative connotations which currently have most public impact. We believe that the recommendations set out in this Report would make a vital contribution to ensuring that the issue of doping in sport is handled sensitively and efficiently within the UK in the run up to and during the 2012 Olympic Games.

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Prepared 22 February 2007