Select Committee on Standards and Privileges Sixth Report

Annex 1

List of those mentioned in the Report

Mr A—an Iraqi translator employed by Mr David Blair.

Abdul Elah —Iraqi Minister of Agriculture in October 2001.

Abu-Zayyad, Dr Amineh—Secretary and Medical and Scientific Officer of the Mariam Appeal, former wife of George Galloway.

Ahmed, Dr Naji Sabri—sometime Iraqi Foreign Minister.

Amin, Mudhafar al- —sometime Head of the Iraqi Interests Section at the Royal Jordanian Embassy in London.

Aziz, Tariq—former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister and sometime acting Foreign Minister of Iraq.

Ms B—translator, employed by Mr David Blair.

Bays, Kevin—Mr Galloway's solicitor in his legal action against Telegraph Group Limited.

Blair, David—Journalist with the Daily Telegraph.

Chalabi, Dr Burhan al- —UK citizen, businessman and prominent member of the Iraqi community in London. Accompanied Mr Galloway in Iraq in December 1999.

Darbyshire, Neil—formerly Deputy Editor of the Daily Telegraph.

Eady, Mr Justice—judge before whom Mr Galloway's libel action was heard in the High Court.

Elah, Abdul—Iraqi Minister of Agriculture in October 2001.

Galloway, George—MP, the Member complained of, first Chairman of the Mariam Appeal.

Giles, Dr Audrey—forensic expert, Giles Document Laboratory.

Gavshon, Rodney—oil trader.

Giangrandi, Augusto—oil trader.

Halford, Stephen—Vice-Chairman, briefly second Chairman, and Director of Operations of the Mariam Appeal

Hamza, Mariam—Iraqi child suffering from leukaemia. Beneficiary of the Mariam Appeal.

Huweish, Abdul Tawab Mulla—sometime Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq.

Ibrahim, Izzat—sometime Deputy Chairman of the Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council.

Khattab, General Abdid Hamid al- —member of Saddam Hussein's secretariat.

Mahmoud, Lt Gen Abd Hamid—sometime Secretary to President Saddam Hussein.

Majid, Saman Abdul—sometime interpreter to Saddam Hussein

McKay, Ron—friend of and occasional spokesman for Mr Galloway.

Marashi, Mr Ibrahim al- —research associate at the Centre for Non-Proliferation Studies at the University of California and lecturer in Middle Eastern Studies at the US Naval Post-Graduate School.

Mukhtar, Sabah al- —Iraqi lawyer working in London. Treasurer of the Mariam Appeal.

O'Malley, Heathcliff—photographer working with Mr David Blair in Iraq.

Robathan, Andrew—MP, the complainant.

Saddam Hussein—former President of Iraq.

Sahhaf, Mohammed al- —sometime Iraqi Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Salman, Mr Ali Abdullah—sometime Press Secretary to President Saddam Hussein.

Sabri, Naji—sometime Iraqi Foreign Minister.

Shanti, Ahmed al- —general director of the Al-Alameya company,

Sherwell, Philip—journalist working for the Sunday Telegraph in Iraq.

Smucker, Philip—journalist working for Daily Telegraph and Christian Science Monitor.

Sparrow, Andrew—journalist working for the Daily Telegraph in London.

Thorne, Oliver—Head of Disputed Documents Section, LGC Forensics.

Volcker, Paul A—former Chairman of US Federal Reserve System, Chair of Independent Inquiry Committee into the United Nations Oil for Food Programme.

Yale, Andrew—member of the public, a further complainant.

Wihaib, Haitham Rashid—former Head of Protocol in the Hussein regime.

Zureikat, Fawaz—Jordanian businessman, friend of Mr Galloway and donor to the Mariam Appeal. Appointed representative of Mr Galloway in matters relating to the Mariam Appeal and the Emergency Committee on Iraq, and third Chairman of the Mariam Appeal. Also referred to in some Iraqi documents as Mr Fawaz Abdullah.

Zureikat, Tony (Awni)—Jordanian and American citizen, cousin and sometime business associate of Fawaz Zureikat.

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