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Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Commons to be printed 23 May 2007.

Taken before the Transport Committee


Members present:

Mrs Gwyneth Dunwoody, in the Chair

Clive EffordMr Lee Scott
Mrs Louise EllmanGraham Stringer
Mr Eric MartlewMr David Wilshire


Examination of Witnesses

Witnesses: Mr Willie Walsh, Chief Executive, British Airways (BA), and Mr Stephen Ridgway, Chief Executive, Virgin Atlantic, gave evidence.

Question Number

1 - 19

20 - 39

40 - 53

Examination of Witnesses

Witnesses: Mr Nigel Turner, Chief Executive of BMI, and Mr Lawrence Hunt, Chief Executive of Silverjet, gave evidence.

Question Number

54 - 59

60 - 79

80 - 94

Examination of Witnesses

Witnesses: Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP, Secretary of State for Transport and Mr David McMillan, Director of Civil Aviation, Department for Transport, gave evidence.

Question Number

95 - 99

100 - 119

120 - 139

140 - 158

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Prepared 3 August 2007