Select Committee on Treasury Third Report

Conclusions and recommendations

Working practices

Follow-up activities

1.  The events which followed the publication of the then Treasury Committee's Report on Cash Machine Charges, including the recent success of the ATM working group in securing a commitment to the introduction of over 600 new non-charging cash machines, demonstrate the value of active commitment to follow-up activities by a Committee and its Chairman. These events also demonstrate that debates on select committee reports in Westminster Hall can play a vital role in pressing for action following the Government response to a Report and that ministerial engagement can play a crucial role in delivering action following a Committee Report. We commend the work of all involved. (Paragraph 42)

Relations with HM Treasury and other public bodies

2.  We expect to receive Government responses to our Reports within two months of publication or, where that deadline would fall when the House of Commons is not sitting, before the House returns. In any case where the Treasury considers that there are sound reasons why this timetable cannot be adhered to, we expect to receive a letter from a Treasury Minister setting out those reasons. (Paragraph 50)

3.  We have no wish to encourage the Government to reject any of our recommendations. However, where the Government does not propose to act on a specific recommendation, it should be willing to say so, giving reasons, and not simply to ignore the recommendation. Furthermore, when Treasury Ministers and officials give oral evidence, we consider it reasonable to expect them to be familiar with previous Committee recommendations, and any relevant Government action or inaction in response, in the policy fields for which they are responsible. (Paragraph 54)

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Prepared 26 January 2007