Select Committee on Treasury Minutes of Evidence

Supplementary memorandum submitted by HM Revenue & Customs

  The Committee asked about the number of staff employed by the Department who have been identified as being pre-surplus or surplus.

  As at 30 January, 2007 the number was 1,832.

  The Committee asked how many Agency workers and how many individually self-employed consultants are employed by the Department.

  As at 31 January, 2007 there are 166 Agency workers and five individually self-employed consultants.

  The Committee requested to know the number of uniformed Customs posts/permanent offices in Scotland, Wales and Devon and Cornwall.

  Risks identified in Scotland, Wales, South West England and across the UK are tackled by teams based at major ports and airports and mobile teams—both our National Strike Force, and teams that deploy brigade deal with risks on a regional basis. In addition, our five strong Cutter fleet is continually on patrol off the coasts of the UK.

  In Scotland we have 167 uniformed Customs posts/permanent offices in Lerwick, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and Paisley. From these offices uniformed Customs staff will deploy to address risks across the whole of Scotland.

  We have 59 uniformed officers in Wales focused on the full range of Customs activity, both at the frontier and inland. In addition there are a further 695 operational staff in Central region who can and will deploy to specific operations as required.

  We do not have a fixed Customs presence in Devon and Cornwall. We continue to have staff based there, and deploy those staff (and their colleagues elsewhere on the South Coast) to Devon and Cornwall in line with our risk and intelligence assessments. We do not release numbers by location of uniformed Customs staff below a national level, as to do so could provide assistance to those who seek to evade our controls.

February 2007

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Prepared 14 March 2007