Select Committee on Treasury Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 40-42)


24 JANUARY 2007

  Q40  Chairman: Is there going to be an appeals process? Will you be involved in that? Have you worked out how appeals might be handled?

  Mr Hudson: I will ask Mr Wilkinson to handle that, if I may.

  Mr Wilkinson: Yes, like Mr Hudson said, we are going through a period of consultation at the moment and with that sort of work there will be appeals to the Lands Tribunal if the valuations cannot be agreed.

  Q41  Chairman: When it comes in are you going to be required to increase your staffing numbers?

  Mr Wilkinson: We will need to perhaps redeploy staff to deal with the Planning Gain Supplement. Again, I think the number of staff needed will depend upon the number of assessments that we look at and the volume of activity, and so on.

  Q42  Jim Cousins: When the great day comes and we do council tax revaluation in England, I do not think you will need to employ a communications manager to make yourself better known.

  Mr Hudson: We shall use our communications staff to make sure we put ourselves across in the right sort of way and have the right sort of dialogue with members of the public.

  Chairman: We are going to leave it there. Mr Hudson and your colleagues, thank you very much.

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Prepared 27 February 2007