Select Committee on Treasury Minutes of Evidence

Letter from the Office for National Statistics to the Treasury Sub-Committee

  I would like to thank you and the Committee for the recent opportunity to discuss the 2011 Census Programme. We were impressed with the knowledge demonstrated by the Committee and found their questions insightful and focused on a number of issues that the ONS teams have been working on over the past year.

  As you are aware, the Test Census in 2007 is scheduled for 13 May and will assist in clarifying a number of the design and operational aspects ahead of the Field Rehearsal in 2009, and eventually the full Census in 2011. We thought therefore that the Committee might welcome a briefing in the Autumn on the outcome of the Test, as well as a more detailed briefing on the plans. Activities and approach going forward.

  We agreed at the meeting on 21 February that we would forward the papers from the recent OGC review of the 2011 Census, as well as the previous Gateway reviews. The November report from the Gateway Review 2a and some recent correspondence with the OGC in respect of the joint assurance plans for 2007 and the agreement on the points raised in the November report have now been forwarded.*

*Not printed.

March 2007

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Prepared 9 May 2007