Select Committee on Treasury Thirteenth Report


Tuesday 1 May 2007  Page
Mr Brian Pomeroy, Chairman of the Financial Inclusion Taskforce and author of Review of Christmas saving schemes Ev 1
Professor Elaine Kempson, Personal Finance Research Centre, University of Bristol Ev 6
Mr John Rhodes, Head of Financial Capability, Citizens Advice, and Ms Claire Whyley, Deputy Director of Policy, The National Consumer Council Ev 12
Wednesday 6 June 2007
Mr Chris Houghton, Group Managing Director, Mr Martin Stewart, Group Financial Director, and Mr Gary Woods, Managing Director of Park Retail Limited, Park Group Ev 17
Mr Mark Lyonette, Managing Director, The Association of British Credit Unions Limited, and Ms Amanda Winkworth, Manager of Portsmouth Savers Credit Union Limited Ev 22
Mr Sean Williams, Executive Director, Markets and Projects, Mr Colin Brown, Director, Advisory Policy and International, Ms Sue Cook, Acting Director of Communications, and Mr Gordon Ashworth, Deputy Director, Consumer Policy, Office of Fair Trading Ev 27
Tuesday 19 June 2007
Ed Balls MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Mr Clive Maxwell, Director, Financial Services, Ms Sue Catchpole, Team Leader, Payments and Inclusion, and Ms Gwyneth Nurse, Team Leader, Assets, Savings and Wealth, HM Treasury Ev 34

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Prepared 9 October 2007