Select Committee on Treasury Eleventh Report


Tuesday 15 May 2007
Patrick Storey, Partner, and Peter Graham, Director, Grant Thornton
Ev 1
Susan Hitch, Chair, Piers Le Marchant, Trustee, Martin Thomas, Trustee, and Patricia Lankaster, Grant Giver, Balance Foundation
Ev 5
David Clarke, Chairman, Malcolm Hayday, Chief Executive, Charity Bank, John Goodfellow, Chief Executive, and Gill Davidson, Secretary and General Manager, Skipton Building Society
Ev 10
Tuesday 5 June 2007
Angela Knight CBE, Chief Executive, Paul Chisnall, Executive Director for Financial Policy and Operation, British Bankers' Association and Adrian Coles, Director-General, and Iain Cornish, Chairman, Building Societies Association
Ev 16
Sir Ronald Cohen, Chairman, Ed Mayo, Commissioner, and Toby Eccles, Secretary, Commission on Unclaimed Assets
Ev 27
Tuesday 19 June 2007
Ed Balls MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, Clive Maxwell, Director, Financial Services, Paul Johnson, Director, Public Services, and Sue Catchpole, Team Leader, Payments and Inclusion, HM Treasury
Ev 37

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Prepared 6 August 2007