Select Committee on Treasury Eleventh Report


1Stephen Wynn
Ev 47
2Keith Hollander
Ev 49
3Association of Investment Companies
Ev 52
4Unclaimed Assets Charity Coalition
Ev 54
5Association of Mutual Insurers
Ev 61
6Institute of Fundraising
Ev 62
7Association of Friendly Societies
Ev 66
8Skipton Building Society
Ev 68
9National Council for Voluntary Organisations
Ev 70
10Supplementary memorandum
Ev 71
11Further supplementary memorandum
Ev 72
12Balance Charitable Foundation for Unclaimed Assets
Ev 74
13Investment & Life Assurance Group
Ev 76
14Building Societies' Association
Ev 78
15National Housing Federation
Ev 81
16Michael Chapman
Ev 84
17British Bankers' Association
Ev 87
18Association of British Insurers
Ev 92
19Charity Bank Limited
Ev 94
20Association of British Credit Unions Limited
Ev 97
21Supplementary memorandum
Ev 100
22Mr Frank Field MP and Derek Wyatt MP
Ev 101
23PRIME (the Prince's Initiative for Mature Enterprise)
Ev 105
24Community Development Finance Institutions
Ev 107
25National Savings and Investments
Ev 109
Ev 110
27Mr Martyn Jones MP
Ev 118
28 Unclaimed Assets Commission, supplementary memorandum
Ev 120

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Prepared 6 August 2007