Select Committee on Treasury Written Evidence

Memorandum submitted by Struggle against Financial Exploitation (SAFE)


  The proposal will save the banks themselves over a £billion in costs a year, free up 20-25% of court time, put back into the economy £billions by way of re-motivated productive small businessmen and save £millions in Benefit payments and National Health costs.

  The members of SAFE came together because they had experienced various problems' with their banks, ranging from overcharging, forgery, theft, conspiracy and outright fraud. Some have been in conflict for decades and have lost millions, some their lives, many have died, become ill, been made bankrupt and inevitably divorced.

Remarkably, in spite of the above, SAFE respects the need for the bank's to retain their illusion of integrity so as to protect the British Financial Industry, one must accept that the Ombudsman and FSA do not have the will expertise or experience to deal with these matters, there being a conflict of interest as they are seen as part of the establishment and will therefore protect the banking industry. Similarly the police and judiciary ere towards protecting the probity of the banks to the detriment of the casualty, (the Police/CPS have never brought an action against a High Street Bank!).

  SAFE believes the problem of complaints can be dealt with confidentially and fairly in conjunction with the banks and CHAPS, if only 10% of the abandoned bank account funds were to be donated to CHAPS/SAFE then by the application of an agreed formula the complainants' claim could be investigated and if deemed legitimate be quietly settled from the charity on the instruction of SAFE.

SAFE has already built up a substantial data base of bank victims which demonstrates without question that there is systemic fraud and conspiracy throughout the banking industry and proposes that the banks, like members of parliament, Citizens Advice, Ombudsmen, FSA etc pass to them all complainants, likewise it could be integrated as part of the legal procedure that the parties register the claim with SAFE before any court proceedings are commenced. This data could then be processed and used by the banks as it would highlight potential fraud clusters of cases and commonality within defined areas.

June 2007

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Prepared 6 August 2007