Select Committee on Work and Pensions Fourth Report

List of written evidence

Families Need Fathers  Ev 59

Resolution  Ev 60

Stephen Lawson  Ev 64

Relate  Ev 67

One Parent Families  Ev 68

One Parent Families Supplementary  Ev 71

Mavis Maclean CBE  Ev 84

National Association for Child Support Action  Ev 84

James Pirrie  Ev 87

Chris Ambrosino  Ev 93

Fathers Direct  Ev 93

Child Poverty Action Group  Ev 96

Child Support Action  Ev 99

Family Justice Council  Ev 101

Professor Stephen McKay  Ev 103

Parentline Plus  Ev 110

Citizens Advice  Ev 112

Moneywatchers  Ev 115

Citizens Advice Scotland  Ev 118

Department for Work and Pensions  Ev 119

Department for Work and Pensions Supplementary  Ev 121

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Prepared 15 March 2007