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House of Commons Standing Orders - Public Business




(References are to Standing Order numbers and Appendix pages)


Act of Parliament, proceedings under, length of debate, 16




amendments tabled during, 64




half-hour, 9(7)


Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 116(5)


scope of


references to legislation, 30


urgent debate, 24(6)


Scottish Grand Committee, 99, 100(6)


urgent specific and important matter, 24


Welsh Grand Committee, 108(5)


dilatory motion, 34, 35, 83I(6)


general committees, 89(3)(c)


disorder, by Speaker because of, 46


earlier meeting during, 13


Friday to Monday, 11(6)


motion lapses at moment of interruption, 9(3)


papers presented during, 158, 159


periodic, 25


select committees


reports &c. during, 137


sittings during, 123


Thursday to Monday, 12(2)


when movable, 9(2)


without question put, 9(7)


Administration Committee, 139


Affirmation, 5, 6


select committee witnesses, 132


Aids and supplies, Bills of, not to be brought from Lords, 80


Allocation of time orders, 83


Business Committee, 82


business sub-committees, 120


programming of bills, 83I, 83A


Allotted days


bills, 82, 120


estimates, 54(1)


opposition business, 14(2)




bills, to


powers of committees to consider, 65


receipt of during adjournment, 64


report stage, when authorisation required, 75


third reading, must be merely verbal, 77


early day motions, to, receipt of, 22(2)


general committees, referred to, 89(3)(a)


Lords, 78


pecuniary penalties, and, 79


non-sitting Fridays, tabled on, 12(3)


notice period in public bill committees, Appendix p 166


Queen’s Speech debate, at end of, 33


question to be proposed on, 31


selection of, 32


in general committees, 89(3)(a)


Speaker’s election, not allowed, 1B(14)


Anticipation rule, 28


Appropriation Bills


committal procedure does not apply, 63(1)


proceedings on, 56




election of Speaker, 1B


private members’ bills, 14(6)


Bills, hybrid, 61


Bills, private


committees, service of suspended Member on, 45(2)


pecuniary penalties, &c., imposed by Lords, 78


public money standing orders, and, 53


when taken, 9(1), 11(1), 20


Bills, provisional order


committal procedure does not apply, 63(1)


hybridity rules do not apply, 61


public money standing orders, and, 53


Bills, public


See also Committee of the whole House; Committees, public bill


allocation of time to, 83


amendments. See under Amendments


carry-over, 80A


clause, new, 69


clause or schedule standing part, debate on, 68


general committees, in, 89(3)(c)


Bills, publiccontinued


committal, 63


motions subject to selection, 32(4)


programme orders, under, 83A, 84A(2)


committees’ powers to consider amendments, 65


consideration of report. See subheading report stage


Consolidated Fund or Appropriation, proceedings on, 56


committal procedure does not apply, 63(1)


consolidation, 58


joint committee, 140


Examiners, referred to, 61


first reading, 57, 57A


hybrid, 61


introduction of, 57


Law Commission bills, 59


and consolidation, 140(1)(d)–(1)(e)


long title amended, 65


Lords, brought from, 57A


pecuniary penalties, 79


private Members, by, 14(7)(c)


privilege, 80


public charge, creating, 50(2)


Lords amendments and reasons, 78


pecuniary penalties, 79


programming, 83F, 83G, 83H


money and ways and means resolutions on, 52


preamble postponed, 67


presentation, 57


printing, 57, 57A


private Members’


ballot, 14(6)


days for, 14(4)


precedence, 14(5)–(8)


ten-minute rule, 23


unprinted, 14(9), 90(2)


writs and, 19


programming, 83A–I


proposal of question, motions for, 29


public charge as main purpose, 50


re-committal, 72, 74


motions subject to selection, 32(4)


Bills, publiccontinued


report stage


amendments requiring authorisation, 75


as amended in committee of whole House, 71, 72


general committee, referred for consideration in, 92


public bill committee, bills reported from, 73


Scottish, 97


public bill committees, see Committees, public bill, Scottish


second reading


amendments to question, 62


amendment to leave out ’now’, 31(1)


bill considered in Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 113


bill considered in Scottish Grand Committee, 97(6)


bill considered in Welsh Grand Committee, 106


second reading committee, 90


Law Commission bills, 59


tax law rewrite bills, 60


tax law rewrite bills, 60


committal discharged, 60(8), 66


committal procedure does not apply, 63


joint committee, 152C


temporary laws, duration to be specified, 81


third reading


amendments to bill must be merely verbal, 77


amendments to question, 62


amendment to leave out ’now’, 31(1)


bill considered in Northern Ireland Grand Committee, 113


bill considered in Scottish Grand Committee, 97


Wales, relating to,


public bill committee composition, 86(2)(ii), 92(2)


Welsh Grand Committee, and, 106


ways and means resolution, brought in on, exempted, 15(1)(a)


Broadcasting, Select Committee on, 139


Budget Day, and ten-minute rule bills, 23(3)


Business Committee, 82


Business of the House


See also Private Business


arrangement of, 14, 27


earlier meeting of House, at, 13(2)


exemption motions, 15(2)–(6)


government business has precedence, 14(1)


Business of the Housecontinued


interruption of, 9(3)


and closure motions, 9(4)


and exemption motions, 15(2)–(6)


on Fridays, 11(2)(b)


not reached or disposed of, 9(5)


opposed, when taken after moment of interruption, 9(6), 15(1)


opposition parties, 14(2)–(3)


order of, 9


Fridays, 11


private Members’, 14(4)–(8)


Business sub-committees, 120


Carry-over of bills, 80A


Chairman of Ways and Means, 2, 3


See also Committee of the whole House, Deputy Speaker


Business Committee, and, 82


Committees, public bill


member of Chairmen’s Panel, 4(2)


private business, and, 20


programming committees, and, 83B


requests Temporary Chairmen to take Chair, 4(1)




Panel, 4(2), 85(3), 85(4)


Westminster Hall sittings, 10(5)


temporary, 4


may not—


accept closure, 36(3)


accept motion to propose question, 29(2)


select amendments, 32(2)


Church of England Measures, 118(3)(b)


Clauses, see under Bills, Public


Clerk at the Table


absence of Speaker, &c., notifies, 3


amendments to consolidation bills, receives, 58(2)


Lords bills, notified that Member will take charge, 14(7), 50(2), 57A(1),




orders of the day


reads, 26


receives instructions to defer, 9(5)


petitions, reads, 154(3)


Clerk at the Tablecontinued


private Members’ bills, receives nomination of another Member to present,




Clerk of the House


petitions, and, 156


select committee reports, and, 134


supervises ballot to elect Speaker, 1A


Closure of debate, 36


at interruption of business, 9(4)


general committees, in, 89(3)(b)


temporary chairman may not accept, 85(5)


majority required, 37


Committees, general


adjournment of, 88(2)


amendments (referral and selection), 89(3)(a)


business sub-committees, 120


chairmen, 85


closure, 89(3)(b)


constitution and membership, 84, 86


debate on clause or schedule standing part, 89(3)(c)


definition of, 84


delegated legislation, 118


dilatory motions, 83I(6), 89(3)(c)


division in House, sitting suspended for, 89(4)


irrelevance or repetition, 89


law officers, attendance of, 87


meetings, 88. See also Northern Ireland, Scottish and Welsh Grand




ministers, attendance of, 87


minutes of proceedings of, 89(3)(d), 89(5), 128, 129


public, members of, admission of, 89(2), 91, 161(2)


quorum, 89(1), 89(3)(d), 117(4), 119(4)


See also Northern Ireland, Scottish and Welsh Grand Committees


Regional Affairs, 97(5), 117


report stage, for, 92


second reading committee, 90


Law Commission bills, 59


tax law rewrite bills, 60


Wales, bills relating to, for, 92(2)


Committees, grand, see Northern Ireland Grand Committee, Scottish Grand


Committee, Welsh Grand Committee


Committees, joint


Human Rights, 152B


motions to commit bills to, 63(2)


Statutory Instruments, 151


Tax Law Rewrite Bills, 152C


Committees, private bill, service of suspended Member on, 44(5)


Committees, public bill


See also Committees, general


amendments, notice period, Appendix p 166


conclusion of proceedings under programme order, 83D


power to send for persons, papers and records, 63, 84A(3)


—under a programme motion, 83A, 84A(2)


private members’ bills, restrictions and nomination, 84A(5)


programming sub-committees, 83C


Scottish, 84A(4)


committal to, 97(5)


membership, 86(2)(i)


Wales, bill relating to, for, 86(2)(ii)


Committees, second reading, see under Committees, general


Committees, select


See also names of particular committees




committal of bill to, 63(2)


joint sittings, for, 137A(1)(d)


term limits, for, 122A


documents, withdrawal or alteration of, 127


evidence, communication to other committees, other Parliaments etc.,




evidence, publication before reporting to House, 136


joint meetings, 137A


quorum at, 124(2)


lists of members, 122


Members not on committee, withdrawal of, 126


memoranda, authorising of publishing, 135


minutes of evidence


members’ names recorded in, 130, 131


power to report, 133


minutes of proceedings, 129


members’ names for attendance and voting, 128

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