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Weekly Information Bulletin
Weekly Information Bulletin: 17th March 2007


Weekly Information Bulletin

The next Bulletin will be published on Saturday 24 March 2007

Budget Statement

The Chancellor of the Exchequer will deliver the Budget Statement on Wednesday 21 March 2007

Private Members' Bill:

The Private Members Bill Ballot took place on Thursday 23rd November 2006

The Leader of the House has announced that the following Fridays have been allocated for the consideration of Private Members' Bills during the 2006/07 session:

2007: 19th & 26th January, 2nd and 23rd February, 2nd, 9th and 23rd March, 20th and 27th April, 18th May,

15th and 29th June, 19th October.

General Committees

There has been a substantial change to committees in the House. Standing Committees now come under the heading of General Committees. Standing Committees that would have considered public bills are now a form of General Committee called Public Bill Committees. They will be named after the Bill that they consider, e.g., the Welfare Reform Bill Committee. These committees will have the power to take evidence from bodies outside of Parliament.

These changes have required some changes to the pages formerly titled Standing Committees. We have tried to make these changes as clear as possible. Please let us know if you encounter any difficulty in following the information provided.

House of Commons Calendar for 2006/2007 session

The Leader of the House has announced the following provisional recess dates for the 2006/2007 session:

Christmas recess 2006

The House rose on Tuesday 19 December 2006 and returned on Monday 8 January 2007

Spring half term recess 2007

The House rose on Thursday 8 February 2007 and returned on Monday 19 February 2007

Easter recess 2007

The House will rise on Thursday 29 March 2007 and return on Monday 16 April 2007

Whitsun recess 2007

The House will rise on Thursday 24 May 2007 and return on Monday 4 June 2007

Summer recess 2007

The House will rise on Thursday 26 July 2007 and return on Monday 8 October 2007

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