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Weekly Information Bulletin: 12th May 2007
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The Week Ahead:
14 May - 18 May 2007

Commons Chamber
General Committees
Select Committees
Lords Chamber
Lords Select
14 May
OPQ - Defence
Leg - Concessionary Bus Travel [HL] - Second Reading
Adj - Transparency and competition in charging by ticket agents - Ben Chapman
ESC - EU Document No. 6238/07 Addendum 1 & Corrigendum 1 relating to Competition: Retail Banking
Education and Skills
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Public Accounts
Human Rights
Oral Questions
Leg - Pensions Bill - (Second Reading)
Leg - Greater London Authority Bill (Grand Committee stage, fifth day)
Economic Affairs Finance Bill Sub-Comm
Human Rights (Joint Comm)
15 May
OPQ - Transport; Justice
Leg - Copyright (Miscellaneous Provisions) - David Amess
Deb - Opposition Day (11th allotted day) - there will be a debate on a Liberal Democrat motion; subject to be announced
Adj - Volunteering and the centenary of scouting - Mr David Amess
PBC - Finance Bill Committee
PBC - Mental Health Bill [HL]
ESC - EU Document No. 6192/07
1st DLC - Draft Lord Chancellor (Modification of Functions) Order 2007
2nd DLC - Draft Representation of People (Northern Ireland) (Amendment) Regulations 2007
Culture, Media and Sport
Public Administration
Constitutional Affairs
Scottish Affairs
Oral Questions
Leg - Alcohol Labelling Bill [HL] (Committee stage); International Tribunals (Sierra Leone) Bill [HL] (Committee Stage); Legal Services Bill [HL] (Third reading); Digital Switchover (Disclosure of Information) Bill (Report Stage)
16 May
OPQ - Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster; Deputy Prime Minister; Prime Minister
Leg - Members of Parliament (Employment Qualification) - Martin Salter
Motion - relating to Home Office Pack Regulations
Leg - Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Bill - Lords Amendments
Adj - Proposed closure of revenue and customs offices in Keighley - Mrs Ann Cryer
PBC - Sustainable Communities Bill
Education and Skills
Science and Technology
Work and Pensions
European Scrutiny
Foreign Affairs
Treasury Sub Committee
Northern Ireland Affairs
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Public Accounts
Draft Climate Change Bill (Joint Comm)
Oral Questions
Leg - Offender Management Bill (Committee stage, first day)
European Union Sub-Comm D
Economic Affairs Finance Bill Sub-Comm
Draft Climate Change Bill (Joint Comm)
17 May
OPQ - Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Leg - Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill - Remaining Stages
Adj - Termination of the Blackwall Tunnel peak hour contra-flow - Robert Neill
PBC - Concessionary Bus Travel Bill [HL] [Programming Sub-Committee]
Finance Bill Committee
Oral Questions
Leg - Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Bill [HL] (Grand Committee stage, second day)
Deb - On cluster munitions
(L. Elton); On the effect on heritage and the arts of the transfer of lottery funds to the 2012 Olympic Games (L. Baker of Dorking)
18 May
Private Members Bills
Adj - Future of Crown Post Offices in London - Simon Hughes
Leg - Parliamentary Constituencies (Amendment) Bill [HL] (Second Reading); House of Lords (Amendment) Bill [HL] (Second Reading

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