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Weekly Information Bulletin: 19th May 2007

White Papers and Green Papers
received since last Bulletin

WHITE PAPERS are issued by the Government as statements of policy, and often set out proposals for legislative changes, which may be debated before a Bill is introduced. Some White Papers may invite comments.

GREEN PAPERS set out for discussion, proposals which are still at a formative stage.

All CONSULTATIVE and DISCUSSION documents which reach the House of Commons Information Office are included in this section. Inclusion in the Bulletin is for record purposes.

Not all discussion papers are published and put on general release: some are sent only to a predetermined list of consultees. This is a matter solely for the Department concerned.

Papers to which an ISBN and price are appended are normally available through The Stationery Office. For others, application should be made to the department concerned. External links provided in this section are correct as at the time of going to press, however they are not updated after that date.

White Papers


Green Papers


Regulatory Impact Assessments received since the last Bulletin

UK Borders Bill: Revised for Introduction in the House of Lords
Julia Sutherland
3rd Floor Fry Building
Home Office
2 Marsham Street
Tel: 020 7035 0811
Additional Paternity Leave and Pay:
Administration of Additional Statutory Maternity Pay (ASSP)
Nicola Cullen
Employment Relations Directorate
Department of Trade and Industry
Room 4104
1 Victoria Street
Tel: 020 7215 2290

Other Papers

A new system of child maintenance: Summary of responses to the consultation, Cm 7061, ISBN: 010 1706124, £18.00

Ofsted Departmental Report 2006-07, Cm 7117, ISBN: 010 1711722, £13.50

The Law Commission, Participating in Crime, ISBN: 010 1708425, Cm 7084, £32.50

Office of Gas and Electricity Markets, Resource Accounts 2006-07, HC 505, ISBN: 010 2945119, £9.00

Scotland Office and Office of the Advocate General for Scotland, CM1709, ISBN: 010 1710923, £13.50

UK Trade & Investment, Departmental Report 2007, Cm 7101, ISBN: 010 1710121, £13.50

Wales Office, Annual Report 2007, CM7110, ISBN: 0101711029, £12.50

Work and Pensions, Departmental Report 2007, Cm 7105, ISBN: 010 1710527, £25.00

Department of Health, Departmental Report 2007, Cm 7093, ISBN: 010 1704323, £32.50

The Home Office, Departmental Report 2007, Cm 7096, ISBN: 010 1709620, £25.00

The Deputy Prime Minister's Office, Annual Report 2006/07, Cm 7102, ISBN: 010 1710220, £7.50

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Departmental Report 2007, Cm 7103, ISBN: 010 1710329, £32.50

Education and Skills, Departmental Report 2007, Cm 7092, ISBN: 010 1709224, £32.50

Department for Transport, Annual Report 2007, Cm 7095, ISBN: 010 1709521, £40.00

Cabinet Office, Departmental Report 2007, Cm 7108, ISBN: 010 1710824, £18.00

Communities and Local Government Annual Report 2007, Cm 7094, ISBN 010 1712026, £32.50

Education and Skills Departmental Report 2007, Cm 7092, ISBN 010 1709224, £32.50

Culture, Media and Sport Annual Report 2007, Cm 7104, ISBN 010 1710428, £18.00

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